Hymn in My Heart

“Hymn in My Heart,” New Era, Dec. 2003, 42

Hymn in My Heart

The day before I left for my mission, youth from our area gathered for a meeting. For the closing hymn we sang “Be Still, My Soul” (Hymns, no. 124). While singing I could feel my nervousness and worries vanish, and warm feelings replace them. I could feel every word of the hymn being engraved in my heart.

Now as I serve in the Lord’s vineyard, this hymn still helps me. When discouragement comes, I think, “Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake.” When challenges seem too heavy, I remember that “thru thorny ways [the Lord] leads to a joyful end.” I know if I bear my part well, “all safe and blessed we shall meet at last” as we live forever with the Lord.

  • Clausel M. Nsondi is a member of the Rennes Branch, Rennes France District.