We’ve Got Mail

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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Sept. 2003, 50

We’ve Got Mail

An Uplift

I want to say thanks. Just home from school one day, I was having a bad day and a tough week. I had two tests coming up, I had just done poorly on a history test, and I had a soccer game in an hour. I looked over on the table, and there was the May 2003 New Era. I read it and was taken upwards. I was no longer discouraged. I was happy and feeling good. The articles about missionaries and the priesthood were great. I especially liked the article on leadership.
Joshua Dance, Novelty Hill Ward, Redmond Washington Stake

My Favorite Thing

I would like to thank you for putting out this magazine. Every month, I wait for the New Era. When I get it, I always look through it and find every scripture and highlight them in my scriptures. Then I go back and read the articles, which I find very interesting and good. I really enjoy reading Q&A and like to read what other people think about the question that month.

But one of my favorite things in the New Era is the poster. I think the pictures are great! I also look up the scripture that’s on that page. I especially like the picture in May’s issue, the one with the frog and the boiling water representing debt. I am so happy to read the New Era since there are no bad things in it. Thank you!
Sarah Parker, Mesa 60th Ward, Mesa Arizona East Stake

Lesson from the Locket

I just want to say how thankful I am for the article “Locket in the Sand” in the February 2003 issue. I am 15 years old and am the only child still living at home, so I get a bit lonely sometimes. One night I was home alone and was feeling very lonely. I picked up the New Era, and it opened to that article. As I was reading, I felt such an overwhelming feeling of peace come over me. It reminded me that I can pray anywhere, at any time, and for any reason. At the time, I needed to be comforted. Now I know that I just have to pray and my Heavenly Father listens to me and lets me know that I am loved.
Joanna Milne, Burpengary Ward, Brisbane Australia North Stake

Locker Decoration

I love reading the New Era every month. I like to cut sayings, articles, pictures, etc., out of magazines and stick them in my room, locker, or scriptures. I found myself thinking of the New Era and saying to myself, “I wish I could cut out the whole magazine to put in my room, locker, or scriptures so I could remember to be Christlike all the time.” Thank you so much!
Heidi Blake, Midland Third Ward, Odessa Texas Stake

Standing Up to Swearing

I kind of know what Preston Taylor, author of “G-Rated Recruit” (Mar. 2003), went through when he was at boot camp where everybody was cussing. When I was at soccer camp, one of my coaches would cuss a lot, and I asked him to stop. And the reaction I got was amazing. He said he was really sorry and that he would try to stop. During the camp he kept apologizing to me. It was kind of cool that he actually listened to me and stopped cussing.
Scott Rollins, Fairfield Ward, Cincinnati Ohio North Stake

Illustrated by Bill Mayer