Of All Things

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“Of All Things,” New Era, June 2003, 32

Of All Things

“Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
—The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Test Your LDS I.Q.

The Prophet Joseph Smith’s family was being prepared for generations before he received the First Vision and before he could lead the restored Church in this dispensation. His immediate family was a continual support to him, and they loved each other very much. See how much you know about Joseph Smith’s family.

  1. How did Joseph’s parents, Lucy Mack and Joseph Smith Sr., meet?

    1. Joseph came to work for Lucy’s father in Sharon, Vermont.

    2. Lucy came to visit her brother in Tunbridge, Vermont, and met Joseph there.

    3. They grew up on neighboring farms in Massachusetts.

  2. How many children did Joseph and Lucy have?

    1. 10

    2. 11

    3. 16

  3. Where was the Prophet Joseph Smith born?

    1. Sharon, Vermont

    2. West Lebanon, New Hampshire

    3. Palmyra, New York

  4. Which of the Prophet’s immediate family were witnesses of the gold plates?

    1. Joseph Smith Sr., Alvin Smith, Hyrum Smith

    2. Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith, Don Carlos Smith

    3. Joseph Smith Sr., Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith

  5. About which of his brothers did Joseph Smith Jr. say the following: “[He] possesses the mildness of a lamb, and the integrity of a Job, and in short, the meekness and humility of Christ; and I love him with that love that is stronger than death, for I never had occasion to rebuke him, nor he me. …”

    1. Alvin

    2. Hyrum

    3. Samuel


Leadership Tip

You might not be in your class presidency or an officer at school, but chances are there’s someone in your home who really looks up to you.

Make it a goal to be a good example to your younger brothers or sisters. You can be an example of obedience, kindness, and the type of brotherly love the Savior would show if He were living in your home.

A Sew-Sew Father’s Day

The 36 young women in the Ocean Springs Ward, Gulfport Mississippi Stake, made Father’s Day special for their dads and learned a new skill while they were at it. The young women chose material, cut out patterns, pinned, and sewed for hours. Finally, each of their fathers had a handmade tie to wear to church on Father’s Day. The girls also made extra ties for the bishopric, the Young Men presidency, and the ward’s missionaries, who weren’t lucky enough to have daughters in Young Women.

Beauty All Around

The family unit is forever, and you should do everything in your power to strengthen that unit. In your own family, encourage family home evenings and be an active participant. Encourage family prayer. Be on your knees with your family in that sacred circle. Do your part to develop real family unity and solidarity. …

“Your most important friendships should be with your own brothers and sisters and with your father and mother. Love your family. Be loyal to them. Have a genuine concern for your brothers and sisters. …

“Help keep your family strong and close and worthy of our Father in Heaven’s blessings. As you do, you will receive faith and hope and strength, which will bless your lives forever” (Ensign, Nov. 1986, 81–82).
—President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994)

Temple Work

The youth of the Huntsville Utah Stake couldn’t all go to the Nauvoo temple for last year’s dedication, so they decided to bring the temple to them. As part of their youth conference on temple work and worthiness, the youth and their leaders built a replica of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple. It was about one-fifth the size of the original Nauvoo temple, and the youth worked on it in rotations, between workshops, speakers, and activities. The youth and their leaders also completed more than 1,000 ordinances for the dead in the Ogden Utah Temple.

They learned how to saw wood and staple fabric, but more importantly they learned how they could lay strong foundations for their testimonies of the temple and their worthiness to go there.