We’ve Got Mail
February 2003

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Feb. 2003, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Just Like in the Article

My seminary teacher used the article “Extra Strength” (Jan. 2002) in one of her lessons. That very day, a friend from school was asking me questions about the Church while we were in the weight room. I tried to answer him the best I could but didn’t feel my words were very influential. But I felt impressed to do as the young woman in the article did. The following day I gave my friend the new For the Strength of Youth and told him it contained the guidelines written for teenagers to follow. It felt good to have done this small missionary effort.
Marek de Savigny
Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada

Perfectly Put Together

The New Era is one of the best influences in my life. Its articles always leave an impact on me every time I read it. The talks from Church leaders, the short stories that are very straight to the point, and all the contents are just perfectly put together. I’m forever grateful knowing there are people out there who care about the well-being of the young women and young men of the Church. I adore this magazine and can’t wait to get hold of it.
Ilisapesi H. Uipi
Hihifo, Tongatapu, Tonga (via e-mail)


I would like to thank you for printing the story “The Nauvoo Temple: Cornerstones of Faith” (May 2002) because in the article it mentioned two girls, Lisa and Joanne Church, who were related to Hayden Wells Church. I want them to know that he was my great-great grandpa, and I’m proud that one of my distant relatives is the temple engineer.
LoraLynn Church
Glendale, Arizona (via e-mail)

Really Inspired

I would like to say the article “Everyone But Me” (April 2002) really inspired me because it made me think back to when I felt alone and not needed. Thank you for the magazine. It’s what I read when I feel down.
Joel Maldonado
Naples, Florida (via e-mail)

Total Answer

Let me just say how much I love the New Era. It always seems that when I have certain questions or problems in my life, that month’s issue is a total answer to me. I also love how you write so much about missionary work. A few years ago the New Era did a special magazine on missionaries and what goes on at the Missionary Training Center (June 2000). I have read and reread that issue. Good friends are starting to go on their missions, and it’s so awesome to know what they are teaching and to know that they are helping to spread the gospel.
Kisa Caldwell
Washington, Utah

Not the Only One

I just want to say that I loved reading the article “Rising Above the Blues” in the April 2002 edition. It helped me feel that I wasn’t alone. I have depression, and at times I feel so helpless and guilty that I don’t want to exist. Now I realize I’m not the only one, and that if Jesus Christ suffered all things, I can survive. This article really made me feel better.
Name Withheld
Utah (via e-mail)