What’s in It for You
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“What’s in It for You,” New Era, Jan. 2003, 49

What’s in It for You

Personal Improvement

Resolve to be a better missionary in 2003. In “Feed My Sheep” on page 4, President Boyd K. Packer tells us to “go to [those who are not members of the Church] and invite them to join us.” Accept his challenge. Make a list of friends you could invite to family home evening, Mutual, seminary, or a fireside sometime this year. Pray for guidance, then have the courage to act.

Hymns can hold back discouragement, according to Elder Gene R. Cook in “How to Discourage Discouragement,” page 44. Keep yourself out of the dumps by memorizing a favorite hymn every week, one verse at a time. Make it a contest with your family or friends with a reward such as ice cream.

Family Home Evening Ideas

As a family, read Elder Steven E. Snow’s article, “We Thank Thee,” on page 12. Designate one spot as the family “Thank Tank.” Before family prayer every evening, family members can take turns sitting in the chair and sharing one thing he or she is thankful for. Sit and thank!

Young Men and Young Women Activity Ideas

Elder Bruce R. McConkie said, “There is no way to teach the gospel to more than six billion people without more missionaries” (see “Only an Elder,” page 36). Under the direction of your leaders, invite the ward missionaries to help the young men in your ward become acquainted with the first discussion, and discuss how to prepare to serve a mission. Have a real missionary meal afterward—rice and beans, pasta, baked potatoes, cold cereal, etc.—and a button-sewing contest.

Andrea Nixon says she began to appreciate what Relief Society had to offer when she got involved (see “All My Sisters,” page 34). As a Laurel, you can get involved. Talk to your Young Women leaders about having the Laurels in your ward attend a Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment night, or offer to help plan one.

Seminary Devotional Idea

Jazz up early-morning seminary with an idea that comes from the Young Women general board. Working with your teacher, divide the class into equal groups, then give each group two minutes to write a jingle on missionary work, gossip, reverence, etc. Have each group sing its new words to the Primary tunes, “Smiles,” or “Give Said the Little Stream.”

Personal Progress and Duty to God

Read “I Hope … I Wish … I Dream …” on page 40. In your journal write your goals. Be honest. Next, choose the goals you could work toward this year. Prepare a step-by-step plan to accomplish at least one of those wishes in 2003. Match your plan with a Personal Progress value experience or project or a Duty to God requirement.

Photography by Christina Smith