We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2002, 50

    We’ve Got Mail

    Gained a lot

    I am very grateful for the New Era. lt has really helped me a great deal in my life. I especially appreciated Elder Neal A. Maxwell’s message “I Am But a Lad” in the February 2002 issue. It reminded me of what l think of myself. But l have gained a lot from that message—like coming on a mission, which is a great blessing to me. Keep up the good work. There are people who feel they have lost their personal possibilities.

    Sister Shelly T. Kollah
    Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission (via e-mail)

    Especially for her

    The New Era always seems to have the answers to my problems and questions. It is almost like the articles are written specifically for me. I love it, and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into each issue of the New Era. It is as entertaining as it is helpful.

    Aspen Paige Owen
    Ogden, Utah

    Friendly commentary

    I am from Fiji but at present I am attending BYU—Hawaii. This is my first semester here, so you can know how much I am missing my family. But through reading the New Era on the Internet, I get a lot of strength to adjust myself here. I really like to read comments on certain topics by the youth. Also, sometimes I find a solution for a doubt that I have. Thanks very much for compiling these articles for us.

    Ashlyn Nair
    Laie, Hawaii (via e-mail)

    Source of comfort

    The New Era is a great magazine. I must admit I hardly read the whole way through, but what I read fills me with peace, and I really get a lot out of it. I especially like reading the fiction, The Extra Smile, and catching up with the various youth around the world. Keep up the good work. It’s a source of comfort, one a lot of people turn to for advice.

    Jacinta Smalley
    Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (via e-mail)


    Thank you so much for putting “When Life Gets Tough” in the February 2002 New Era. I recently moved to Basel, Switzerland, from Arizona—a big change! I was struggling so hard with the move and was really down in the dumps most of the time. This article helped me realize I was the cause of a lot of my problems, and I could overcome them. And I did. Again, thank you so much for this story and all the inspirational stories.

    Paige Nelson
    Basel, Switzerland (via e-mail)

    Appropriate articles

    You are the best magazine around with the coolest information. You also have appropriate articles that encourage youth to do good things. I’m sure the New Era has helped a lot of people with their self-esteem and shown them a safer path. I love reading the articles because they all have a moral. Thank you for being here to help us in the latter days.

    Trent Hunter
    Bluffton, South Carolina

    A monthly inspiration

    Every month I am so impressed by the New Era. When I see it has arrived in the mail, I can’t wait to open it and read it from cover to cover! It gives me such strength and inspires me to be better and stronger in this world. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

    Ashley Seemann
    Moorpark, California (via e-mail)