My Testimony
June 2002

“My Testimony,” New Era, June 2002, 14–15

In Tune:

My Testimony

1. I know my Heav’nly Father lives.

I’ve seen His works; I’ve felt His love.

Each tree and flow’r, each rising sun—

All testify: He reigns above.

So when my path seems lone and dark,

There is a spark that lights my way.

A voice comes whisp’ring to my heart:

“You’re not alone; God lives today!”

I have a testimony.

2. I know the Savior died for me.

He loved each child, the blind set free.

With bread and fish, He fed the throng.

With mighty words, He calmed the sea.

So when my heart is sick and sore

In deepest night, I feel His hand.

My hope, my life His words restore.

I can repent and live again.

I have a testimony.

3. I know a prophet speaks today.

I know God heard young Joseph pray,

Sent angels and a book to earth,

Restored His truth to guide our way.

So when I hear our prophet’s voice,

God’s love rings surely through my soul.

I’ll gladly heed our prophet’s words;

They lift me up; they make me whole.

I have a testimony.

4. My testimony leads me on—

One step today and then one more—

Now flick’ring in a cold, dark place,

Now burning brighter in a storm.

I treasure this small light of mine,

For day by day I feel its glow

And thank Him for such priceless gifts:

The things I feel, the things I know—

My precious testimony.

I have a testimony.

© 2002 by Jan Pinborough and Kenneth Plain. Used by permission.
All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy made.

Music, My Testimony
Music, My Testimony

Photography by R. Kempton