We’ve Got Mail
November 2001

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Nov. 2001, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Her standard

Thank you for publishing the June 2001 special issue about standards. As I read it, it was as though the whole issue was written for me. In particular, I wanted to thank you for the article “Speaking of Kissing.” A year ago at Especially for Youth, I made a decision to not kiss until I was married. The past year when thinking about that decision, I worried that by refusing to kiss I might offend someone. That article caused me to realize my decision would not offend a young man willing to honor my standards. Thank you again for that issue and for that article.

Becky Kendall
Richardson, Texas

Please continue

I love the New Era. I had one opportunity to read it on the other side of the world and really could feel in my heart and in my spirit the power of this magazine. I am very grateful for the New Era because of its very good articles and stories that have helped me a lot in my life and in my testimony. Please continue with this. I am sure many people will feel the power of this magazine like I did.

Yvo Rances
Trujillo, Peru (via e-mail)


While reading the New Era, I came upon the story “Sidewalk Service” (Sept. ’00). I read the story and realized some people don’t like members of the Church because of what they hear about us. They think we aren’t good people. This story shows that Latter-day Saints are not bad people and that others need to give us a chance.

Nick Smith
Layton, Utah

Personal study guide

Thank you so much for this wonderful magazine and for publishing “Fields Ready to Harvest” (May 2001). I felt impressed to read it and used it as my personal study guide. It helped me a lot. I know that missionary work is hard, but it’s fun. I love seeing changes people make when they go into the waters of baptism. This story inspired me to work hard, which is the key to success. The things I have read and learned in the New Era will help me be a better missionary.

Elder Ricarter G. Repe
Philippines Ilagan Mission (via e-mail)

Changed his thinking

Before I came on my mission, I had little opportunity to read the New Era. But since my time in the mission field, I have read the magazine every month, and it has really affected my life. I would like to thank you for the article “Always My Father” (May ’00). I was also feeling I was living a fatherless life until I read that story. It has changed my way of thinking.

Elder Daniel Udo Isiuwa
Nigeria Enugu Mission

Lets her know

I love the New Era. It has helped me a ton, and I look forward to getting it every month. If I am angry or sad or I just want to read something, I pick up the magazine. It also lets me know that some people are going through the same things as me. My favorite part of the New Era is the Questions and Answers section, and I like the poster each month. All I can say is this is the best magazine in the world. Thanks for making this magazine for all the youth of the Church and for those of us who are not members.

Heather Milliken
Layton, Utah (via e-mail)