We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, July 2001, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Worth looking at again

Thank you for publishing “A Promise Kept” in the January 2001 New Era. When I received it, I put the magazine under my bed, but I never read it. In our Young Women meeting that Sunday, our teacher read that article. A few hours later, my grandmother died. I was very sad, so I pulled out the New Era and read the article again. Thanks.

Tallia Tanner
Grouse Creek, Utah

A great impact

Thank you for putting out the New Era. It has impacted my life greatly. Whenever I need guidance or am feeling depressed, I can always count on the magazine to fill my spirit and let me know there are other teens like me who have similar trials and problems. Thank you so much.

Chanelle Chin
Wailuku, Hawaii (via e-mail)

New reader

I just started Young Women last November and began receiving the New Era. I read that issue all night and couldn’t put it down! I like it very much. Keep up the good work.

Emily Sweeney
State College, Pennsylvania (via e-mail)

Good guide

We would really like to express how good a guide the New Era is. It teaches young people, as well as young adults, the way they should be living their lives. It also provides inspiration and enlightenment for people of all ages.

Elder Michael Gross and Elder Michael Borup
Australia Melbourne West Mission


Thank you for the great magazine you put out each month. I always look forward to the beginning of the month so I can read the New Era. The posters are a good reminder of what I should be looking out for and doing, and the stories are good also. It’s reassuring to know that there are teenagers who go through the same things I do.

Samuel S. Packard
Big Sur, California

Good advice

I want to thank you for your article in the January 2001 New Era. “The Art of Juggling” has really helped me a lot. I have been having a lot of difficulty trying to keep up with all of the things in my life. I have been praying for help to organize my life and for good tips and words of wisdom. This article provided some more good advice. The New Era always helps me a lot. The Lord has answered my prayers in many more ways than one. So I just want to say thank you for your beautiful articles in this magazine.

Simone Lansing
Fernie, British Columbia, Canada (via e-mail)

New Era’s new reader

I am an 11-year-old who loves the magazine. I used to read the Friend, and now I look forward to the uplifting stories in the New Era. They make me think a lot, and I appreciate it.

Kristin Keene
LaPorte, Indiana (via e-mail)