We’ve Got Mail
March 2001

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Mar. 2001, 50

We’ve Got Mail

So cool

The New Era is so awesome. I especially liked the July 2000 issue. “Search Light” was so cool and so inspirational. I can read that over and over. I also liked the Message, “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel,” because I think everybody needs to forget themselves and go to work.

Emily Luckau
Idaho Falls, Idaho (via e-mail)

Helping to choose

I am so happy that my parents finally renewed my subscription to the Church magazines. I love the New Era. For a while I had an early school class that interfered with seminary, and it wasn’t easy to choose the right without that certain spirit seminary leaves on my day. So I kept a few issues of the New Era with me, and they helped me make it through.

Krysta Biggs
Scappoose, Oregon (via e-mail)

The perfect time

I’d like to thank you for the June 2000 issue. It had so many beneficial things in it. I’m preparing to go on a mission, and it has helped me realize what I need to do to prepare for the most memorable and exciting time of my life. I guess the Lord blessed me with good timing because the magazine came to my mailbox at the perfect time.

Danny Matthews
Prescott, Arizona

Culturally biased?

Even though I look forward to the New Era arriving each month and love all the spiritual guidance and stories, I have always had a problem trying to understand the culture and the wording used. American English is totally different to English, and the culture is totally different too. I have tried to understand the New Era, even though understanding the American culture is hard and often confusing. When reading the May 2000 issue, I came across an article called “Knowing Where to Look.” As I started to read, I was glad to find a story about someone in England. But halfway through the story, the boy says he is “kicking a football against our caravan.” But the editors placed in brackets by football and caravan the American equivalent to the words. I am very annoyed at this. If people in England have to try to figure out the different cultural language of America and the meanings, why do you have to place the meanings of our language and culture in for the people in America? As much as I love the New Era, when you do this type of thing it is unfair.

Emma Rowley
Kent, England (via e-mail)

Quite awesome

I love the New Era, and I read it practically cover to cover when it comes in the mail. The article “.net/results” (May 2000) is wonderful. I never knew anyone had made a Web site to promote cleaner movies. After I read the article, it took me only a moment to realize I wanted to show my support by signing the online petition, so I did. The article “Behold the Man” by Bishop Richard C. Edgley in the same issue was quite awesome, and I appreciate it. I believe young men of today need to hear what a real man is and realize that it is different from what most people would like to believe. I urge young men to read it and act on it. It is true.

Kassandra Kerr
Kent, Washington (via e-mail)

Bean there, played that

I just want to thank you for “In Tune” in the New Era. It is what I look for first (after the Mormonisms and Mormonad, of course). I can’t play the piano worth beans, but I really love the messages the songs give. Thanks again. I love the New Era.

Joan Jay
Springville, Utah (via e-mail)