Readers’ Guide

    “Readers’ Guide,” New Era, Feb. 2001, 49

    Readers’ Guide

    Creative ideas for using this issue of the New Era.

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    • Read the article “More Than Skin Deep” on page 44 and, together as a family, talk about why Church leaders are giving us this counsel at this time.

    • Church leaders have made a list of standards printed in For the Strength of Youth. Get a copy of the pamphlet for each member of the family, and read and discuss it. In addition, make a list of family standards such as curfews or rules for your own household and post it on the refrigerator or in another prominent spot where everyone can read it.

    Personal Improvement

    • Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Could you use some fun and new friends? Read the Q&A about dating on page 16 and brainstorm some ideas for great group activities you and several friends could participate in. Try to choose a game or activity that allows for a lot of mixing rather than pairing off. Some activities to try: making cookies, building a snowman, a scavenger hunt, board games, charades.

    • Read “Love, Anonymous” on page 26. Write a cheerful, positive, anonymous note and slip it, with a small treat, into the pocket or backpack of a brother or sister.

    Laurel Project Idea

    • Read the story “Planting Temple Seeds” on page 20 and get involved in researching your family history. Some ideas include: learning how to fill out a four-generation chart, interviewing your grandparents about their lives, or researching a family line that needs work.

    Young Men and Young Women Activity Ideas

    • The dance festival in Washington included hundreds of participants (see “Steps in Time,” page 28), but you can reap some of the same benefits by learning just one or two dance styles. Volunteer with a couple other teens to learn the swing, the jitterbug, or the Charleston. Then teach the steps to the group.

    Seminary Devotional Idea

    • Bring a pitcher of fruit juice. Before pouring someone a glassful, add one last ingredient. Sweep the floor and collect the dirt or bring in a small amount of dirt. Add it to the juice. Compare it to listening to and watching entertainment that may have something objectionable in it. Use the Idea List on page 15 for ways to keep our thoughts clean.