We’ve Got Mail
August 2000

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2000, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Always loved

I have always loved the New Era’s stories. They are an inspiration to me throughout the entire month. One article in your December 1999 issue, “All the Trimmings,” was incredible. My hair has been my pride and joy all my life, but I would love to give it to someone who needs it more than me. Thanks for inspiring me.

Marci Edwards
Westover, West Virginia

She’s happier

Thank you for “A Vote for Myself” (Sept. ’99). This story helped me realize that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s hard to follow the Savior’s example. I am trying harder to be more like Him, and every time I follow His example I am a happier person.

Maegan O’Toole
Idaho Falls, Idaho

New things that help

I am glad to read the New Era each month. When I read this magazine, I always find some new things for myself that help me. My testimony is strengthened, and sometimes I receive answers to my questions. Thanks for the Mormonads and the stories about real-life experiences. They truly help me.

Natasha Krjukova
Kiev, Ukraine

Still reading

I would be ungrateful if I didn’t extend my heartfelt thanks for the articles that are so beneficial to me. When I was investigating the Church, my member friends would let me read the New Era. Those magazines contributed to my desire to learn more about the Church and taught me how the youth from around the world feel about the gospel. I’m now a returned missionary and still reading each issue. Thanks.

Bong N. Angeles
Legazpi, Philippines (via e-mail)

Living what she believes

I wanted to share my appreciation for the New Era. I really enjoy reading the magazine every month, but the November 1999 issue really touched me. The whole magazine was wonderful, especially the fiction story “Helping Tyson.” When I read this story I felt the Spirit so much. In my ward I’m the Laurel class president, and the story encouraged me to reach out to the less-active as well as the active members, making sure I call them and invite them to the activities even if I do assume they think I’m being a pest. It also inspired me to make sure I am being a good example and to live what I believe every day of my life.

Patricia N. Lankey
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A great reminder

I love the magazine, and I look forward to receiving it every month. Keep up the good work. The Mormonads are great. I have all the sets, and they are a great reminder.

Kisa Caldwell
Washington, Utah

Editor’s Note: The New Era has produced three different sets of Mormonad posters. The Mormonads come 12 to a set and are available through the Church Distribution Center.

Still reading

Ever since I became a Beehive, I decided I wanted to start reading the New Era. Now I’m in my second year of Young Women and I have read every New Era. They have helped me a lot because I can relate to a lot of the stories. I love the magazine a lot. It has helped me to strengthen my testimony and my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

April Martin
Farmington, Utah