Idea List: Game Plan: Good Sportsmanship

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“Idea List: Game Plan: Good Sportsmanship,” New Era, Mar. 1999, 15

Idea List:

Game Plan: Good Sportsmanship

Sports can be a fun way to stay in shape, make friends, and develop teamwork. Here are some tips that can make everyone a winner, whether you’re on the championship team or just playing a game of pickup:

  • Work on strategies that involve the whole team.

  • At Church-sponsored games, always begin with a prayer.

  • Before any game or contest, shake hands with the opposing players.

  • Always use language that is both clean and kind.

  • Compliment good plays, no matter who makes them.

  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to play.

  • Whatever happens, hold onto your cool. If tempers start to flare, take a break.

  • Keep a sense of humor.

  • Unless you’re the coach, don’t tell others how to play.

  • Remember teamwork! No one likes a ball hog, so pass it.

  • Be optimistic. Maintain that winning attitude, even if you’re far behind.

  • Show a little compassion. If you’re bigger than the other team or pounding them on the scoreboard, it’s definitely time to let up.

  • Don’t try to hurt others. If you hurt someone accidentally, apologize sincerely.

  • Respect the rules and the officials.

  • If it’s possible, have a third party keep score.

  • Above all, be honest and play fair. Cheaters never win, even when they get a higher score.

Illustrated by Paul Mann