Little Child
December 1998

“Little Child,” New Era, Dec. 1998, 10–11

In Tune:

Little Child

1. Softness, silence,

Quiet lies the scene before.

Infant and Virgin in tender stillness lay.

Silence, softness,

’Mid the angels who adore.

Little Child, Holy One,

A world He comes to save.

2. Stable humble,

Savior in a fodder stall.

Christ Child, the Son of God, a promise to fulfill.

Quiet, tender,

All creation stands in awe.

Little Child, Holy One,

Who comes at Father’s will.

How can I honor thee,

Precious Little Child?

How can I come to thee,

Someone such as I?

3. Softness, silence,

Quiet lies the scene I see.

Starlight, shepherds, the place is rev’rent still.

Savior, Redeemer,

Oh, what’s required of me?

Is it just to come as the Little Child and do the Father’s will?

Copyright © 1998 by Elizabeth A. Wright. All rights reserved.
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Music, Little Child
Music, Little Child