Idea List: Be a Super Server

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“Idea List: Be a Super Server,” New Era, Oct. 1998, 15

Idea List:

Be a Super Server

Service projects don’t always have to require a lot of planning or involve a lot of people. Here are a few you can do all by yourself on a moment’s notice:

  • Write a note of encouragement to a friend or family member who is facing hardship or stress.

  • Read a funny story to a friend who is ill.

  • Pick up trash on your school campus, at the local park, or on the sidewalk.

  • Make your brother or sister’s bed.

  • Smile at someone.

  • Make cookies for the missionaries serving in your area.

  • Wash the windows of an elderly person or couple in your neighborhood.

  • Volunteer to help with cannery assignments.

  • Baby-sit for a young mother so she can run errands. Do it for free!

  • Vacuum the house while your mother is gone somewhere.

  • Help a friend with his homework.

  • Sit with a lonely person at lunch.

  • Write to a missionary serving from your home ward.

  • Visit an elderly person at a rest home.

  • Look around and find something that needs to be done. Do it!

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh