Idea List: Be a Pal

    “Idea List: Be a Pal,” New Era, June 1998, 56

    Special Issue:
    Faces of Friendship

    Idea List:

    Be a Pal

    Did you know that when the Savior spoke about laying down his life for us, he referred to us as his friends? (See John 15:13–14.) He must have wanted us to understand the importance of friendship. Not all of us can be a sister, a brother, a cousin or an aunt, but all of us can be a friend. You may have heard the saying, “To have a friend, be one.” So what’s the best way to “be one”? Perhaps some of the following suggestions would be helpful. Try one or two for starters.

    • Be a good listener.

    • Remember birthdays.

    • Learn things about your friends, such as where they were born, what their middle name is, and what they love to eat.

    • Offer to help your friends with things such as household chores, homework, or tending their brothers or sisters. These tasks are always more fun when done with a friend.

    • When your friends are ill, call them or write a get-well card so they know you’re thinking of them.

    • Take the initiative by offering to help plan the parties and outings from time to time.

    • Remember important events, such as competitions or performances. Plan to be a part of the event, by either attending or dropping off a note of encouragement.

    • Don’t gossip about other people with your friends. That way, they’ll know you won’t gossip about them when they’re not there.

    • Speak highly of your friends when talking to others.

    • Make sure your conversations aren’t always centered on you.

    • Be sympathetic to their problems.

    • When they offend you, confront them about it in a sincere, kind way. They’ll appreciate your honesty.

    • Don’t take offense too easily.

    • Have other interests and other friends. There can sometimes be too much of a good thing—and too much of a good friend.

    • Competition is common among friends. And while a little may be healthy, too much can end a friendship. Be careful that you don’t get caught up in outdoing each other.

    • Love your friends for who they are, not who they know or what they own.

    • Respect your friends’ privacy and trust. If they confide in you, keep it to yourself.

    • Give genuine compliments freely.

    • Pray that you’ll be a better friend.

    • Live your life in a way that will cause your friends to thank Heavenly Father for having a friend like you.

    Photography by Matt Reier