May 1998

“Feedback,” New Era, May 1998, 50


Will we really?

I’d like to thank you for publishing “It’s Not Just Alex” (June 1997). I’ve had problems with my family members and have felt depressed and hopeless at times. It’s pretty depressing when you always wonder if you’ll ever really be a family forever. I’m not really an emotional person, but as I read this story tears filled my eyes. Soon I found that sharing my feelings with others helped.

Name Withheld

Hoping others enjoy

I would like to thank you for the spiritual, uplifting stories and talks in the New Era. They help me keep in tune with the Spirit, and the Mormonads remind me to make good choices. I hope others enjoy the New Era as much as I do.

Lisa Dickson
Provo, Utah

More to Canada

I really enjoy reading the New Era as it comes each month. Although I don’t always find the time to read the whole magazine, I try to read a couple of articles. I especially appreciated the October 1996 issue on Canada. One thing that bothered me, though, was that the issue seemed as if it was supposed to be about all of Canada and it only really talked about Ontario and Quebec. There is much more to this country than those two provinces.

Jennifer Schindler
Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Good reminders

I just got off my knees from praying to Heavenly Father. I had been pretty tired and frustrated at what seemed to be fruitless efforts at fasting for a testimony of a particular gospel principle. Then I was prompted to read two stories in the January 1997 New Era. I couldn’t have done a wiser thing. The scriptures in the fiction story “Time Balm” truly helped me to see that Heavenly Father was doing his best to instill in me more fully the qualities of patience and faith. I also loved “With a Joyful Heart.” In my pursuit of a testimony I forgot to be happy and grateful for all I already have. Thanks.

Keisha Wilks
Kingston, Jamaica

Hit hard

I had been feeling upset after getting into an argument with my mom. Dealing with the divorce of my LDS parents and my mom’s new husband really has hit me hard. One night while watching TV, I decided to read the magazine. Once I opened it to the first page, tears filled my eyes. Real stories and people fill this magazine. I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge, comfort, and the spirit it brought to me.

Name Withheld

Desperately trying

The article “Taking a Stand” (May 1997) has really helped me. I have been trying desperately to show my friend that the gospel is a good thing. But since her mother reads anti-Mormon literature, it’s been kind of hard. Then I saw this article, and I knew that there’s always hope. I have talked with my friend some more, and she’s really starting to understand God’s love for her.

Coral Johnson
LaCenter, Washington

So good

I really enjoy the New Era. My favorite issue is December 1995. I always feel so good when I read it.

Nicholette Wood
Kearns, Utah