“Contents,” New Era, July 1997, 3

New Era

July 1997

Volume 27, Number 7

Pioneering People

Crossing the plains was a challenge. It required the sacrifice of home and possessions. And it required a staggering amount of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

But the pioneers were willing. Although it sometimes seemed more than they could bear, they pressed on. They did it because they loved their Savior, and they knew that this was an important part of his work.

Opening the way for others didn’t end when cars and airplanes took the place of handcarts and wagons. Youth today blaze trails of faith through missionary work, service, and gospel study. On the following pages, you’ll find stories of pioneers, some older than your great-grandparents, and others who are about your age. Although they dress differently, eat different foods, and live in different countries, all of these pioneers have the same love for the Savior and his gospel. It is what keeps them going.

We pray their stories will encourage you to take some faithful footsteps of your own.

Cover: Danny Wilkins, 13, of Willcox, Arizona, helped drive a wagon across Iowa last summer. See “Stars on the Trek,” p. 20.
Cover photography: Lisa M. Grover