November 1996

“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1996, 50


How important

Thank you so much for “Coming Back” (Nov. 1995). It really helped me see how important going to church is. I enjoy church more now, and I don’t talk to my friends during class because I know I need to learn the gospel. Sometimes I am the first one ready for church because I want to be on time.

Kamala Andrews
Placerville, California

When you don’t follow the crowd

I was pleased with the story about Sarah Koyle in the November FYI. Standing up for what is right is hard where I live. I am surrounded by people with different morals than mine, and every day I face issues about what movies to watch or dating before the age of 16. People think you are strange when you don’t follow the crowd. The other day we had a substitute teacher in my health class, and the other kids convinced her to put in a different movie than what was originally planned. The video was very violent and had a lot of bad language. Rather than watch it, I turned around and read my book while holding my hand over my ear. I may have looked funny, but I didn’t need those thoughts in my head. It is sad to see the shadow of immorality creep over our society. I’m very glad I have the Church to guide me in my life.

Tamara Kelm
Austin, Texas

Become more in tune

A while ago my family started to receive the New Era. I always thought it was a children’s magazine. But one day, out of boredom, I picked it up and to my amazement I read it cover to cover. I want to thank you for the inspiring messages and caring advice. I know the teachings will help me when I go on my mission. Even though the New Era is a great source of comfort, I would like to see the subjects and content become more in tune with today’s teenagers. Being 17, I am aware that the challenges in life extend beyond the pages of a magazine. But if you could capture some of them, maybe we would all understand what it means to be a Latter-day Saint teenager surrounded by worldly temptations.

Wyatt A. Darling
Lehi, Utah

Would she?

The story “He Was Somebody Special” in the January 1996 New Era really was a great story that inspired me a lot. It made me wonder if I would give the shirt off my back for one of the young women.

Tabitha Nelson
Picayune, Mississippi

Something for everybody

I really liked the article “Playing above the Rim” (Nov. 1995), and that is the reason I like the New Era. In every issue there is something that relates to everybody. For example, I like to play sports and in almost every issue there is something that seems to combine sports with the Church.

Eric Hansen
Palmer, Alaska

Relates in some way

My sisters and I have greatly appreciated the New Era for as long as I can remember. I can usually relate to all of the stories in some way, and almost always I need the messages that the magazine brings. I especially enjoy Q&A. It answers many of the questions I have, and it gives me a better understanding of life.

Kristy Curtis
Phoenix, Arizona