Pressure Relief
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“Pressure Relief,” New Era, Sept. 1996, 15

Pressure Relief

I found the peace I needed in a “history” book.

My brain was fried! I had read one page in my history book three times without remembering one thing that was written. It was well after midnight when I rubbed my burning eyes and slammed the book shut. I wanted to do well on my final test, but the time had come to give up studying because nothing else was going into my throbbing head.

I set my history book down and picked up a different book of history. The familiar soft brown leather of my Book of Mormon felt soothing as I opened to Alma to do my nightly reading. I was not expecting to learn anything in this frame of mind, but to my complete surprise my pounding headache ceased and I felt a warm comforting peace envelop my body.

My mind was calm and alert. The words were clear and easy to understand. It was as though my kind Heavenly Father were speaking directly to me.

Many times in my life I had felt as though I could not understand what the scriptures were saying. I have begun to realize that on the days I read the scriptures there is a difference in my attitude. It seems amazing that when I read the scriptures I feel happier, my family seems nicer, and I feel more patient and content. Often when I read the scriptures the Spirit speaks to my mind and gives me direction and guidance. The spiritual experiences that come as we read the scriptures are as important as the written words on the page. I know that each word in the Book of Mormon is important for our day.

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh