May 1996

“Feedback,” New Era, May 1996, 50


A great help

Thank you so much for printing the article “Leave It Alone” (Jan. 1995). This year I’m living with my aunt and uncle. They’re Church members, but I miss my family. This article has helped me be a better example at my new school where I am one of the only members. I have started reading the scriptures and praying more often, and have found it to be a great help in my life.

Name Withheld

So interesting

I’m writing to let you know how much I enjoy the New Era. It always has good stories, and there is always something to learn from each magazine. There was one story, “The Snob” (Feb. 1992), that really made me stop and think about the way I treat and judge other people. Thank you for making the New Era so interesting to read.

Dawna Jones
Purdy, Missouri

Lessons learned

Thank you for the May 1995 Questions and Answers. There is a girl at my school who I’ve never liked. This past year we spread rumors about each other, and we were not kind. Because of this article, I realized I must try to be nice and avoid insulting or teasing this girl. Maybe she will learn that even though we don’t get along, we don’t have to be ugly to one another.

Name Withheld
North Carolina

A wonderful magazine

Thank you for publishing such a wonderful magazine. It has changed my life. I am not a member of the Church because my parents won’t allow me to be baptized. But my best friend sent me a subscription, and when I read the first issue I realized how much was missing in my life. When I told my parents I wanted to attend church, they told me I wasn’t old enough to make such decisions (at the time I was 13). This fall I hope to attend early-morning seminary and to attend church regularly. Without the New Era, I doubt I would have had the courage to find the truth.

Becky Teater
Mansfield, Texas

Faithful reader

On March 27, 1993, when I was 13 years old, I was baptized. I have been receiving the New Era ever since, but for two years I had never read it all the way through. When my family moved from California to West Virginia, I was happy about the move but sad to leave my friends and ward behind. On my second day in our new home, my parents gave me two issues of the New Era. That night I decided to let the magazine become my friend. When I turned to “Some Friendly Advice” (Mar. 1995), I almost cried because I found the answer to my problem. I thought, Wow, this is perfect. I put the advice to use and I made a lot of friends at school. Since that night, I have faithfully read the New Era cover to cover.

Stephanie Adams
Buckhannon, West Virginia

In India

If you remember, there was an article about my family in the New Era (”Passages from India,” Sept. 1986). The Church has come a long way in India since then. In fact, last June we had our first youth conference. I am a regular reader of the New Era, and there hasn’t been a time when I haven’t had tears in my eyes when I read the articles in the magazine. Keep up the good work.

Santosh Murala
Medak, India