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“Feedback,” New Era, Mar. 1996, 50


Not the only one

I am so thankful for the New Era. It has really helped to let me know that I am not the only one with problems or questions. I really appreciated the article “In His Father’s Steps” in the September 1994 issue. I have played soccer for 7 of the 14 years of my life. My team sometimes plays on Sunday in tournaments. I often thought about keeping the Sabbath day holy and whether playing soccer on Sunday was breaking the commandment. This article helped me to make my important decision to not play soccer on Sunday. Others on my team have made the same decision since then.

Lisa Suker
Sandy, Utah

Just the thing

I would like to thank you for the article in the June 1995 issue called “A Guide for Your Life.” The story about Sarah Tunnell really jumped out at me. We have a lot of young women who are inactive but are very receptive to coming to our activities. I think that a scripture study program would be perfect to help get them out. I feel especially strong about this because I come from a small branch where the home-study seminary program fell through. It has been very difficult to keep going through the lessons without reminders and deadlines. This type of activity may be just the thing we need.

Kristy Gasser
Rising Sun, Maryland

Dating and 16

I was so happy to see the way dating before the age of 16 was handled in the July 1995 Q&A. I’m 15, and this past year I was faced with the opportunity to date. I knew it was wrong, but I gave in to the temptation. I told myself that it was okay because the guy that I was seeing was also LDS. I thought that once you had a boyfriend, all of your problems would be solved. They weren’t. In fact, I had more. My testimony was slowly disappearing. I hardly ever felt the Spirit, and I found myself making mistakes that I never would have before. It was a hard four months, but after we broke up life got even harder. I was so upset, and I felt so distant from the Holy Ghost. Finally I gave up my pride and turned to my Heavenly Father. The process has been long and hard, but well worth it. Now I feel closer than ever to my Savior. I know that he will always love us and guide us through anything if we will humble ourselves and ask for his help.

Name Withheld


Receiving the New Era each month has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Each issue inspires me to be more like Christ in every way. I especially want to thank you for the beautiful Photo of the Month sections you include. The touching poems and lovely photographs are a simple, yet effective, way of reflecting on the memorable experiences life brings.

Leticia Adams
San Antonio, Texas

Her miracle

I would like to thank you for the article “My Miracle” in the June 1995 issue. I have also received my patriarchal blessing, and this article brought back memories and feelings of the same sweet experience. Before I received this issue, I was feeling down and out. But after reading this article, I “feasted” upon my patriarchal blessing and the scriptures. Along with fervent prayer, the scriptures and my patriarchal blessing have helped me to “paint my own rainbows” and “make my own sunshine.” Thank you so much.

Ashlee Kalina
Las Vegas, Nevada