January 1996

“Feedback,” New Era, Jan. 1996, 50


Often amazed

Over the years the New Era has brought answers to my problems and prayers. I am often amazed at how many times I have received a personal answer from the New Era’s pages. I would particularly like to thank you for the article “One on One” (Feb. 1995). Ever since I started junior high, my little brother and I have experienced a falling out. As my interests started changing, we spent less and less time with each other. After reading your article, I realized that what we needed to do was simply take a few minutes to get away from school, church, and family responsibilities long enough for us to just goof off and relax. I started by helping him with his favorite video game, and within a few days I noticed a change in our friendship. Our relationship still isn’t as strong as it was, but the isolation barrier is coming down quickly. I am eternally grateful to the New Era.

Ted Cox
Sacramento, California

Mormonad of wisdom

Thank you for printing the March 1995 Mormonad about the Word of Wisdom. About a week before I received my issue, I had decided to start smoking clove cigarettes. I didn’t know much about clove cigarettes, and I had heard they were safe and had no nicotine or tobacco. I was tempted to smoke regular cigarettes, but decided not to. As I opened my issue of the New Era, I flipped right to the Mormonad. My heart literally skipped a beat. I felt that Heavenly Father had sent this message especially for me.

Name Withheld
Bellevue, Washington


I wanted to tell you what a great influence the New Era has had on my life. The months don’t go by fast enough. I read one issue after another, and I am constantly asking my mom if the new issue has arrived. This wonderful magazine has inspired me many times. It is easy to read, and it always boosts my spirits when I am feeling low. It also helps to know that there are other teens in the Church who struggle with the same things I do. This magazine offers helpful insight and presents interesting situations that are easy for me to relate to. I hope one day my own kids can benefit just as much as I have from this great magazine.

Elisa Fletcher
Scottsdale, Arizona

Who will be first?

Every month when we receive the New Era, my sister and I always argue over who will be the first one to read it. When it’s my turn, the first things I look for are Q&A, Mormonisms, the fiction stories, and the Mormonad.

Krissy Buchan
Charlotte, North Carolina

Watching himself

Thanks for the inspiring stories printed each month in the New Era. The article “Swim between the Flags” (Oct. 1994) has helped me a lot. I was a missionary when I read it, and it has helped me realize how important it is to follow the rules in the mission field. Now that I’ve been released from my mission, I’m still watching myself so that I don’t go beyond the limits given to us by Heavenly Father.

Vincent Pardo
Baguio, Philippines

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