“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1995, 50


    Becoming more patient

    I would like to thank the New Era for the wonderful story “Just Call Me Susie” (June 1994). It helped me gain knowledge about how I can become more patient in my responsibilities as a missionary. Just like the feelings the character Susie had in the story, my affection for the Savior and his atonement was increased when one of my friends died. Thank you for the wonderful story that uplifted my testimony.

    Elder John A. Concepcion
    Philippines Ilagan Mission

    The value of values

    I am a high school student, and I recently had to write a research paper for my English class. The theme of the paper was traditional American values and how they are being torn down by the world. Through my research I found that the enforcing of good morals and family values helped people become more successful in life. I would like to express my appreciation to the New Era for being one of the sources that helps promote good morals and keeps our family values going. With the help of all the uplifting articles and messages, I know our values will not be lost in our society. Thank you for all the time and effort put into this magazine.

    Jennifer Duran
    Clovis, California

    What’s inside counts most

    I wanted to express my appreciation for the story “About Face” (Mar. 1995). I hope it helped others realize the damaging effects it can have on a person. I have suffered from an extreme case of acne. My self-worth disappeared, I found it hard to look people in the face, and it got to the point where I could barely recognize myself. I withdrew from friends and activities I enjoyed, and I didn’t want to do anything that would draw attention to my looks. But through this experience I have learned to rely on my Heavenly Father to help me cope with this and other trials. I hope we can all realize it’s what’s on the inside that’s important.

    Karey Parkvold
    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

    Warmth and comfort

    Thank you for the beautiful songs you print in the In Tune section of the New Era. They always bring a special spirit into our home whenever I sit at the piano and sing them. I would especially like to thank you for printing “Come unto Him” in the April 1995 issue. The warmth and comfort I felt were what I really needed.

    Rebecca Elton
    Meridian, Idaho

    Lifts her spirits

    Thank you so much for “When Dad Doesn’t Believe” in the January 1995 issue. I really enjoyed that story because my mother and I are members of the Church, and my dad, brother, and sister aren’t. When I read that segment, I thought of my family and how I could make our life a little better. I love the New Era because it always seems to lift my spirits when I’m down.

    Angela Chase
    Crown Point, Indiana

    Cover to cover

    The New Era is a great magazine. I always like to read it from cover to cover. Every story is worth reading, and I have used many articles for my home-teaching lessons. Thanks for this wonderful magazine.

    Tim Jackson
    Alpine, Utah