Angels Came to Teach Him

    “Angels Came to Teach Him,” New Era, Dec. 1994, 51

    Angels Came to Teach Him

    I dreamed I was there—

    Sharon Vermont in frigid December.

    Lucy was expecting again.

    No Herod or Pharaoh reigned this day.

    Dreams and visions broke silent skies.

    God breathed into Adam his spirit.

    And a Choice Seer knew mortality.

    Passionate prayer challenged darkness that morn.

    I gazed in disbelief.

    A sunburst lit the forest—

    A warmth only Father’s arms could provide.

    God and man were one.

    Angels came to teach him.

    Righteousness rained from heaven.

    Truth burst the ground like a volcano.

    Six candles spread their fire from the mountaintops above.

    And I watched the numbers grow.

    Fresh feathers coated the boiling tar

    As it burned into the pores of his skin.

    Joseph hated no one.

    In prison chains, he stood like a lion and roared warnings from God.

    The Kingdom was established.

    I heard power in his words.

    The lion leaped. “Oh Lord, my God!”

    The scent of murder brought a chill to the summer air.

    “Oh, Joseph, what did they do to you?”

    Tears followed as I woke on the floor in pain.

    Somehow, I knew the Prophet.