“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1993, 50


It hurts

I just recently started subscribing to the New Era, but I love it already. I really loved the article “Norman’s Song” in the January 1993 issue. This is my first year in middle school, but I hear almost everybody on my bus saying ugly, vulgar words. It really hurts hearing them take the Lord’s name in vain. “Norman’s Song” touched by heart. I am going to try to set an example like Dean and Norman did. Thank you for printing such wonderful articles.

Alice Petersen
Baltimore, Maryland

Tuning in

As a missionary, I had had a particularly rough day. I came home a little discouraged and picked up the February 1993 New Era and felt impressed to play the song “I Feel at Peace.” It was beautiful. Thank you for giving a missionary a moment to stop, feel at peace, and “Tune In.”

Sister Shauna K. Basso
Utah Ogden Mission

It shouldn’t be hard

I really enjoyed the article “In a Heartbeat” in the March 1993 New Era. I was really humbled as I read about all the things Amy Gardner did for those babies. It helped me realize I need to get involved in community service. I live near Chicago, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place that could use my help. Thank you for your inspiration, Amy.

Chrissy Briggs
Frankfort, Illinois

More godly compassion

Thank you for the article “The Beer Facts” in the March 1993 issue. It is important to call our youth’s attention to the insidiousness of the alcohol industry’s advertising. There is one issue raised in the sidebar “The Trap,” however, that touches a nerve with me. I was dismayed to read of the experiments done using laboratory rats to “discover” what we already know: that cocaine and alcohol are poisons. These kinds of experiments benefit no one, as we are already aware what the sad outcome is on living beings, both human and rodent. Please, let’s have a little more godly compassion for the lesser inhabitants of our world.

Marilynn Boosinger
Willits, California

Articles have helped

I always look forward to receiving the New Era each month. I especially enjoyed “I Had to Try” in the August 1992 issue. I was baptized the same month that magazine came out, and articles like that one have really helped to strengthen my testimony.

Nino-Joseph Angelino
Corrales, New Mexico

A lifelong dream

I would like to thank you for the article “Monday Is for Abs” in your April 1993 issue. My lifelong dream has been to go on a mission. Although I am only 15 years old, I have been looking forward to this wonderful event for many years. Reading this story reminded me of the many blessings that come from being a missionary. I am extremely grateful for the New Era and all the fantastic articles that have inspired me to serve a mission.

Cumorah Hunt
Grants Pass, Oregon