What’s Your Temple IQ?

“What’s Your Temple IQ?” New Era, Sept. 1993, 43

What’s Your Temple IQ?

They’re the most important buildings on the earth. Test your knowledge of modern-day temples with this little quiz.

  1. Where was the first temple built in this dispensation?

    1. Nauvoo, Illinois

    2. Salt Lake City, Utah

    3. Kirtland, Ohio

    4. Manti, Utah

  2. The temple endowment in this dispensation was first given to a select few in what place?

    1. Kirtland Temple

    2. A room above Joseph Smith’s store

    3. Nauvoo Temple

    4. Joseph Smith’s study

    5. Winter Quarters

  3. Which temple was originally dedicated in private services by Wilford Woodruff and later dedicated publicly by Lorenzo Snow?

    1. Salt Lake Temple

    2. St. George Temple

    3. Manti Temple

    4. Logan Temple

  4. Baptisms for the dead were performed in the Mississippi River.

    1. True

    2. False

  5. What day was the cornerstone for the Salt Lake Temple laid?

    1. May 15, 1856

    2. April 6, 1856

    3. May 15, 1853

    4. April 6, 1853

  6. The Saints held general conference in the nearly completed Nauvoo Temple in October of 1845.

    1. True

    2. False

  7. In which temple did Lorenzo Snow see the Savior?

    1. Manti Temple

    2. St. George Temple

    3. Salt Lake Temple

  8. In 1877, who was appointed president of the St. George Temple?

    1. Wilford Woodruff

    2. John D. McAllister

    3. Thomas P. Cottam

  9. Joseph Fielding Smith was once president of the Salt Lake Temple.

    1. True

    2. False

  10. In what temple were the complete endowment ordinances first performed?

    1. Salt Lake Temple

    2. Kirtland Temple

    3. Nauvoo Temple

  11. What are three ordinances done in temples today?

  12. How many oxen hold up the baptismal fonts in LDS temples?

  13. What do the oxen represent?


Photography by Jed Clark

Illustrated by David McDonald