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“Feedback,” New Era, June 1993, 50


She now knows

I had been searching for an answer to a nagging problem in my life and was flipping through the July 1992 FYI section of the New Era. There my eyes chanced upon the scripture reference Doctrine and Covenants 121:7–8 [D&C 121:7–8]. I cannot tell you the amount of peace, love, and warmth that flowed through my heart at that moment. I now know prayers are always answered. I love your magazine and have read it since I was 11. That’s seven years now. Thank you for the excellent counsel and advice that comes with each issue.

Laurie Bass
Moline, Illinois

Time to find out

Thank you so much for printing “Wanting a Miracle” in the June 1992 issue, and “A New Approach” in the July 1992 issue. Many of today’s youth rely on their parents’ testimonies. I have thought about my own so-called testimony, and I think most of it really isn’t mine. It’s like I borrowed a testimony from the people around me and now it’s time to give it back and find my own.

Name Withheld

Running from temptation

The story “Snakebit” in the July 1992 New Era really came to me at a point in my life when I needed help recognizing how much “Monty” was after me. I know now to run at the sight of temptation and to not get in over my head before it is too late. Thanks again for bringing sense back to me.

Cassie Ellis
Grants, New Mexico

Seems to get better

I really enjoyed reading the June 1992 edition of the New Era. Every article and story in it was superb, especially “What Is Real Love and Happiness?” It was informative, perceptive, and showed insight into what is really true. I feel your magazine is one of the best I’ve ever read, and it seems it gets better every time I have the privilege to receive it.

Theresa Herbert
Perth, Australia

Made a lot of sense

I’ve been a member of the Church since I was born 15 years ago. The thing is, I never really knew if the Church was true or not. Sure I went to church every Sunday, but I still had unanswered questions. I began receiving the New Era when I was 12 but never really read through it. One night as I was wondering about the Church and all my unanswered questions, something told me to gather up all my dusty New Eras and read them. I read many stories and articles that made a lot of sense and seemed to point straight out at me. They were the answers to my questions.

Name Withheld

Seeks the same experiences

“It Became Real” (September 1991) was an extremely inspiring story that made me want to start studying the Book of Mormon very intently. It’s good to know that people have such touching things happen to them just from reading the Book of Mormon. That is the kind of experience I wuld like to have from reading the scriptures.

Tracy Gebert
Plano, Texas

She’ll have to re-read

I love to read this wonderful magazine. I’m sad when it comes, because then I read it that week and have to wait the rest of the month for the next one to arrive

Liz Yancey
Dayton, Ohio