A Positive Note

“A Positive Note,” New Era, Apr. 1993, 15

A Positive Note

It took a friend to help put my life on …

In the past I’ve always had very negative feelings about myself. I would always complain to my friends about how ugly I looked that day, how fat I was, how messy my hair was, etc. One day this began to change.

I had a wonderful friend named Holly. She was a great listener and just fun to be around. She gave me a note after school one day, and on the envelope it said, “Don’t open until you get home!” Of course, my curiosity grew, and I wanted to open it very badly. But I decided to wait until I got home so that I could really read it.

I wondered what this letter contained. I thought of the worst things she could have written. I got home and opened the letter. It said that I was a good person and that I should always remember I am someone special. She wrote out a list of all the good things she saw in me. I read this letter and wondered how I had let these qualities go unnoticed. By giving me that list in her letter, Holly helped me develop a better opinion of myself. Now I know I am a child of God and that he loves me. I thank Holly in every way I can for writing me that letter.

I think Satan would like us to believe that we are not worthwhile. When we don’t value ourselves, we end up doing things we will later regret. The Lord loves us and always will. I now know that he doesn’t just look at our weaknesses. He also sees our strengths. I know, thanks to a letter from Holly, that I am someone special and that Heavenly Father loves me.

Photography by John Luke