“Feedback,” New Era, Feb. 1993, 50


Truly in his care

I was really impressed with the story “In His Care” (October 1991). While serving a mission, I have had many experiences where I’ve found myself in the Lord’s care, whether it has been overcoming temptation or fear, or avoiding harm. I can truly say I’ve enjoyed serving our Lord and Savior.

Elder Noah M. G. Cullis
Philippines San Fernando Mission

An African greeting

I enjoy reading the New Era very much because of the stories about other young women and young men. The more I read about the lives of other LDS youth, the more it lifts up my soul and helps me believe the gospel and the Book of Mormon. “The Snob” in the February 1992 issue made it known unto me that we have to be outgoing with everyone. So greetings to all the youth in the Church all over the world.

Anna Serwaah Bonsu
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

They talk to her

I just wanted you to know I think y’all put out the greatest magazine in the world. You would not believe how many times I have felt the Spirit while reading it. Every issue feels like it’s talking directly to me. Thank you for a better understanding about how to put the gospel into my life.

Delisa Dove Kearns
Alpine, Texas

Another type of abuse

Recently I was reading “A Plague on the World” in the July 1990 issue. This article talked about the problems associated with the “use of illegal drugs.” I wish it had also warned about the dangers of inappropriately using prescription and over-the-counter drugs. There are many young people (such as myself) who, in trying to live the gospel, have never even touched an illegal drug. But in the process of seeking relief from physical problems, we are given “legal” medications which can also become addicting. Even though I was sneaking around and lying in order to get more pills, I convinced myself I wasn’t doing anything wrong because, after all, these drugs were not illegal. I am not a bad person. I graduated from early-morning seminary. I have not committed any sexual sins. I have never even smoked a cigarette or had a cup of coffee. I believe in the gospel, and I never meant to do anything wrong. I think the New Era would do a great service to its readers by informing them of the dangers of all drugs.

Name Withheld

Alaskan appreciation

I felt I had to write when I received your May 1992 issue. I was ecstatic to see an article about Alaska. You have called attention to one of the most beautiful states in the country. Stories like “Jumpin’ in Juneau” and others help me strengthen my testimony and reach a better understanding of the gospel. It always seems that whenever I have a problem, an answer turns up in the next issue of the New Era.

Jessica Anne Nelson
Anchorage, Alaska

Write on

Thanks for publishing “Keep in Touch” (June 1992) about writing letters. Recently I began writing notes of appreciation to my friends and teachers, and have found it really brings me joy to know I’ve made someone else happy. My friends have told me the notes made their day, uplifted, and encouraged them. Thanks for such a fantastic magazine.

Kristel Lander
Roseburg, Oregon