“Feedback,” New Era, Oct. 1992, 50


No longer confused

Thank you so much for printing “What Is Real Love and Happiness?” in your June 1992 issue. I was very confused on the subject, mostly about the forgiveness part. After reading that article, I finally realized that even good people make mistakes. With true repentance, God remembers our sins no more. So why should I?

Name Withheld

Remembering what’s important

Thank you for printing “What Is Real Love and Happiness?” It is one of the most forthright things I’ve read lately. I sincerely hope it will make others remember what’s really important. We need to read more things about being moral and chaste.

Ann Kennedy
Portland, Oregon

A good lesson

I want to thank you for putting out the story called “We’re Being Followed!” (June 1992). I really enjoyed it, and thought it taught a good lesson. Even if you are older, you should always take caution and go to earlier events.

Amy Kinney
Richland, Washington

Not going to waste

I receive the New Era every month and enjoy reading it very much. I like the stories, the Mormonads, and everything else. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do with the magazine. There have been many articles that have helped me in so many ways. I deeply appreciate all the effort you put into the New Era, and I know it has not gone to waste.

Shanda Nelson
Cloverdale, California

Look to it

I grew up in foster homes most of my life and did not learn a lot of things that most people would consider pretty basic. I want to thank you for the guidance you provide, especially the articles on self-discipline, communication, friends, dating, parents, and self-esteem. Growing up I would often miss out on learning these things. Sometimes I worry about being able to raise a good family when my own upbringing, even though I’m very thankful for it, was so irregular. However, as I read the New Era, I find hope in the Church’s teachings and the good examples of the youth. I sure love the New Era and encourage anyone who needs a good example to look to it.

Elder Tom R. Perry
Missouri Independence Mission

A true guide

Every month I eagerly await each New Era issue for the spiritual boost it gives me. I’d specifically like to praise the Mormonads. They put scriptures into perspective and show me how to improve my life. Because of their positive influence, I decided to cut them out of each issue, put them in page protectors, and place them in a binder. Coincidentally, the binder was labeled “Guide for Success.” Once I thought about it, I realized that the Mormonads really are a guide to surviving this life.

Sheri Yano
Spring, Texas


If you tried to play the winning song from the August contest issue, you may have noticed an interesting interlude and wondered where to include it. But it wasn’t intended as an interlude! The introduction to the song was inadvertently printed at the bottom of page 10, rather than at the top. The New Era regrets the error.