Special Issue: Education—Learn Wisdom In Thy Youth

“Special Issue: Education—Learn Wisdom In Thy Youth,” New Era, Sept. 1992, 4

Special Issue:
Education—Learn Wisdom In Thy Youth

Learning wisdom is a lifelong process. It starts before your first day of school and doesn’t end when you die. It is the thing you carry with you through the eternities.

But your growing-up years are devoted to spending your time learning the essentials of education. As facts and figures demand a place in your memory, hopefully you will also learn to think and reason and apply what you have learned. That is the beginning of wisdom.

In this special issue of the New Era, we have gathered some advice on getting the most out of school and some examples of young people who have pursued their particular interests and abilities.

Just as Jesus taught those who desired to know the truth, he can continue to be your guide and your teacher in your search for eternal truth.

The education of the heart, of the conscience, and of the spirit, along with the education of the mind, truly is higher education.

[illustration] Christ in the Temple by Heinrich Hofmann; Courtesy of C. Harrison Conroy Co. Inc.