“Feedback,” New Era, Jan. 1992, 50


Improving my image

The story “The Last Photograph” written by John Ruston (August 1991) really made me think about how precious our families are and how easily things can change. Lately, I’ve had some arguments with my dad, but after reading this story I think things will be different.

Julie Albiston
American Fork, Utah

Good all over

Several weeks ago I took the New Era to work. I was going to read it on my break. Several people asked if they could look through it. They said they had never seen a magazine like it. They enjoyed the stories and said it made them feel good all over.

I learned that the New Era is a great missionary tool. It has helped me explain many of my beliefs to my co-workers.

Rochelle Johnson
San Antonio, Texas

Tired of American content

I thoroughly enjoy the New Era and the inspirational stories, but I am sick and tired of the vast American content.

I live in Australia and would like to see more articles from around the world. For example, the youth in my home ward (Croydon Ward, Waverley Stake, Victoria) earn their own money to afford trips to the Sydney Australia Temple—a 12-hour drive.

Amanda Eades
The Basin, Victoria, Australia

Editor’s Note: We agree with you, Amanda. The New Era does not have enough stories from around the world. There is a reason, however. Most of the magazine’s stories are not written by staff writers or professional free-lance writers. Most contributions come from people like you who know of something interesting happening in their part of the world and write to tell us about it. The overwhelming majority of those submissions come from North America. But we’d love to hear more from other places, including Australia. Readers, send us your ideas!

A stronger Saint

I would like to say that I am grateful for the articles I read from the New Era. They help me become a better person in living the gospel life.

I became LDS in January of this year. I am proud to tell you that my testimony of the Church and the Book of Mormon is growing stronger each day. This has come about because of seminary, prayer, and reading the New Era. I’m planning to go on a mission next year and I can’t wait!

Melusi Mankai
Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, Africa

Learning from a beggar

I enjoyed your story “The Richest Beggar” (September 1991). It really touched me and made me think about how selfish and greedy we can be today. We need to share more with others, no matter who they are, what they dress like, or how different they are from us.

Karen McCown
Tucson, Arizona

Better thanks to Bestor

I’d like to thank you for printing the article “Good, Better, Bestor” (August 1991). As a musician, I was very touched when Brother Bestor said that when he prayed he did better with his music.

With Brother Bestor’s suggestion, I am going to start going to my Heavenly Father for help and guidance with my music and poetry.

Sally Ann Sims
Honolulu, Hawaii