“Feedback,” New Era, July 1990, 3


No permission

I would like to take the opportunity to say I knew nothing about the letter entitled “No Tipping” (December 1989) and did not sign my name to it. I thoroughly enjoy the New Era and look forward to its arrival each month. It’s great to be able to read articles about the youth both in the United Kingdom and in other countries around the world. Thank you for this wonderful magazine.

Lucy Shearer
Darlington, Co. Durham, England

Best friends

I want to thank the New Era for the September 1989 issue, which increased my strength when I read the Questions and Answers. It’s message was powerful for me. The investigators I’m teaching tell me sometimes that they don’t have yet a testimony. But very often I tell them that their testimonies perhaps will not come as Joseph Smith’s came. As they want to be baptized, it’s already a testimony but they don’t know it.

I met the New Era magazine for my first time in April. It helps me also to improve my English each month. Why didn’t I find it before? It is one of my best friends. I hope that the New Era will last all my life.

N. Diamany
Kinshasa, Zaire

About Christmas

It’s taken me a while to write to the New Era about my Christmas. I had decided to make this Christmas as Christ-filled as I could. I received my New Era that had the advent calendar. What more could I ask for? The people at the New Era had done the work for me. I read each day. I sang the songs on my way to school. I gave copies of the Book of Mormon as gifts to nonmember friends. As I wrote out my cards, I tried to focus on the true meaning and say something about filling your Christmas with Christ. I thank the New Era for bringing Christ into my Christmas when I was not feeling the Christmas spirit.

Dana Kingrey
Mabelvale, Arkansas

Stand for truth

Thank you New Era. As a young woman in the Church, I am so grateful to be benefited by your writing which helps me to widen my knowledge about how I will stand for truth and righteousness and how to live in this world without partaking of the sin of the world. I know Heavenly Father loves me. That’s why he gave me all of you. Thank you for your great effort.

Marcialyn Pine
Camarines Sur, Philippines

Impress myself

When I was in high school, my mom would place the New Era so that when I came home from school, I would be sure to see it. I usually glanced at the cover and that was it. My freshman year of college my mom started sending me the New Era every month. At first I would just put it on the coffee table hoping to impress someone. Now in my sophomore year, I anxiously await the arrival of the New Era. I really appreciate the uplifting articles and the inspirational musical numbers. Now I don’t have to use the New Era to impress anyone but myself.

Heidi Smith
Ellensburg, Washington


I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. It is a blessing in my life. It helps me understand who I am. I get a feeling of peace every time I read it. Your magazine is funny, touching, and encouraging. I have been searching for an answer to know if the church is true. Your magazine helped me find that answer, and I am truly grateful. I don’t have a subscription, but I still get it at the bookstore. Thank you for the influence it is on my life.

Kara Oates
Dallas, Texas

Building it right

I really enjoyed the article “Build It Right” by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin in the March 1990 issue. I’m trying to build a magnificent house that will be noble and solid. Elder Wirthlin pointed out that the key to building a good life is centering on Christ through service to others, keeping the commandments, and inviting the Comforter in. I want to build my house on a solid foundation and prove that I am worthy of the trust that I have been given.

Christine Milliron
Rexburg, Idaho