“Feedback,” New Era, June 1990, 3


Hit Home

I just read the September 1989 issue. “I’m Sorry, Bertha” was the article that really hit home. I guess I could be, more or less, a Bertha. I’ve always been an introvert and terribly self-conscious. My small town ward was full of cliques. I was never in one of them. I continued to attend church by choice. I was rarely invited to a party or to after-school activities. Throughout high school, I was still left out.

I am a young adult now and am still much the same—shy, self-conscious, vulnerable. I’ve been hurt deeply. I only hope this can benefit others. Please look to see who you may be hurting.

Name Withheld

No More Hate

I was really touched by the story “Please Bless Kathy” in the November 1989 issue. I had the same experience with a very good friend of mine who really hurt me. After a year of just wallowing in hate, I decided to pray about her, and though it was hard, my feelings towards her changed. I discovered that, instead of being angry towards her, I felt more sorrow, for she didn’t have the religion I have to rely upon. I also hoped that maybe I could give that to her. Thanks.

Melissa Burford
Eugene, Oregon

Be Positive

I just love reading the New Era. It’s a wonderful magazine to read, and I just love the stories. I would like to comment on your story “Please Bless Kathy” in the November 1989 issue. I have had very similar trials in my own life. Now I understand that instead of being angry and hurt, I can forgive and build others up. I can be positive. Thanks, New Era.

Touran C. Clark
Summit, New Jersey

Give me more

Many thanks for the nice magazines. I really like it. As a Japanese, it is sometimes a little difficult for me to read English, but when I’m filled with the Spirit I can read very well. I enjoy reading about many young men and women in the world trying to know more about the gospel. Please give me more good messages.

Yumiko Sase


January’s Mormonad has me concerned. I believe the use of the rabbit for “Two-Faced” was cruel and completely unnecessary. I’m sure the rabbit is fine, but let’s have a little compassion for the silent creatures. He looked uncomfortable to me!

Holly Ingram
Havelock, North Carolina

Great breakfast

Although I’m not really what you’d call a young woman anymore, I’ve always been young at heart and I love the New Era stories, letters, etc. I wanted to impress my family who were coming over for Christmas brunch. Your “Christmas Breakfast” article in the December 1989 issue came to my rescue. I made all the recipes shown and everything was a hit, especially the hot wassail punch. My family is either inactive or nonmembers, and it was fun having a good excuse to show them a Church magazine when they asked about my clever breakfast. Keep up the good work!

Debra Prychun
Salem, Oregon

For guidance

Over the last 15 years of my life I have always gone to the New Era for guidance. You will really never understand the inspiration and help that I have received from the Questions and Answers section. It’s always been exciting and helpful to hear and read how other kids deal with problems I’m having. Only through the New Era is it possible to make this happen.

Blaine L. Jex
Sugar City, Idaho

Warm flashback

I am writing about the article entitled “El Club Benson” in the February 1990 issue. It gave me a warm flashback of South American life. I served a mission in south central Chile, and I have wonderful memories of the people that I served and loved. So many times we hear about the bad circumstances under which these youth have to live. I’m glad that someone finally wrote about a positive aspect of these South American countries. I remember so vividly the bright faces and sweet spirits and sportsmanship qualities that the youth had. I’m glad you noticed.

David Wesley Call
Rexburg, Idaho