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“Feedback,” New Era, May 1990, 3


Money well spent

As I read the positive comments in Feedback each month about how wonderful the New Era is, it suddenly occurred to me, “We’re telling the wrong people.” Now stay with me for a minute. What would happen if each one of us, when we read a great article, told a friend or someone in our ward how great it was? What would happen if in our testimonies, we shared experiences on how the New Era had touched our lives? What would happen if every teenager in our wards took the New Era. WOW! I guess what would happen is more people would be touched, lives would be changed, and our friends would be able to feel what we feel.

Also I bet the number of people receiving the New Era would double. Go ahead, take the challenge, tell a friend! Give a subscription. It’s the best $8.00 you’ll ever spend on someone. Keep up the great work. You’re terrific!

Gaylyn Shoemaker
Auburn, Washington

Had to write

As soon as I read “Please Don’t Give In” in the September 1989 issue, I knew I must write. The young man who sent that letter does not know just how right he is. I, too, had many, many struggles in the Church, and I am one of those young women who gave birth to a baby in high school. Unlike some others, I finished high school and went on to college. I also went back to the Church. He is right. Repentance is possible, and he’s right again in saying it’s much better to stay clean from the start.

I dream of what my life would have been like if I had lived worthily and wasn’t now supporting my little family. But more than that, every day I think of a way, any way, to make other people understand that once you take a step down, it’s so much harder to get back up. I now have a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel than I ever thought I would have, and I thank the Lord sincerely for people who have the courage to stand up and tell their stories to help other youth of the Church.

Name withheld


I’ve been a member for three months, and I love it! Being the only member in my whole family is difficult, especially since I have to set an example.

I was extremely surprised to find so many cultural and creative articles in the August 1989 issue. I know it all had to do with a competition, but I was still very impressed.

I’m studying art, and I’d lost all inspiration. Then I turned to your article on James Christensen—WOW! I have now got all these ideas in my head. All I have to do is put them on paper.

Louise Pretorius
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

That very day

I really enjoy reading the New Era. Recently I have been having problems. I knew I would have to tell my bishop in order to truly repent. I just couldn’t muster up the strength to confess my sins to him. Then I got the October 1989 issue. It talked about the problem I had in the Question and Answer section. After reading it I realized that I was not alone. That very day I went to my bishop and talked to him. It was hard, but your article gave me the strength. Thanks to the authors and the kids who told of their experiences. I know that you were truly inspired.

Name withheld

Can’t go unread

What an inspiration this magazine is to me. I have to make time to read it. I can’t possibly let one go unread. I recently finished the article entitled “Please Don’t Give In,” written by a young man with a past drug and alcoholism problem, in the September 1989 issue. Although I never get close to using drugs, it makes me want to stay as far away from those things as I possibly can. Youth, we stand out, we’re examples, and the rest of the world is watching us. Let’s not give in to peer pressure.

Ardene Linton
Gresham, Oregon

Loves Mormonads

I love the New Era and I read it from cover to cover each month. The articles are wonderful, but what I love most are the Mormonads. Every one I have received since February 1988 (my 12th birthday) is saved in a binder. I read them often, quote them, and use them in talks and family home evening lessons. I want to thank you for including them.

Michele Baird
Sandy, Utah