“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1989, 3


So down-to-earth

I’m not a member of the LDS church yet, but I find this magazine fascinating. I’ve felt the Spirit, and I know the Church is true. (My parents won’t let me be baptized until I’m 18—one year!)

The missionaries showed me an issue of the New Era, and in the last two days I’ve read five of the latest issues. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next.

The style of writing and variety are great! It’s all so down-to-earth and easy to understand. The mixture of poems, humor, missionaries’ and investigators’ stories, and teens’ activities and opinions keeps you turning the pages until you’re all the way through.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of the Church and even greater faith. New Era, you’re definitely an inspiration!

Jenni Baarts
Fairmont, Minnesota

Likes stories

I really enjoy your magazine, especially the story “Winning the War,” by Rebecca J. Abramson in the March 1989 issue. You always have the best stories!

Julie Albiston
American Fork, Utah

Same kinds of problems

Your magazine is the best I have ever read. The questions are those that I am facing. It helps to know that others my age are having the same kinds of problems.

The stories are the greatest. I love the way they turn out. They help me through my hard troubles. I have read each issue at least two or three times each.

Karissa Smith
Roy, Utah

Great feeling

As a missionary, I’ve experienced the joy of seeing a person accept the gospel. In the March 1989 issue, I enjoyed reading “Words Can’t Express” and relating it to a missionary.

When the Spirit testifies to a person’s heart the truthfulness of this gospel, a change starts to take place. And what a great feeling to see this happen.

Sister J. Spencer
Los Angeles, California

Wonderful friend

Since receiving the first issue of this wonderful magazine about three years ago, I have found myself and my testimony of this church growing and becoming stronger. As the location of our ward is in a small city, we do not have an abundance of youth, yet we have a whole lot of love. Our Young Women class is forever referring to the New Era for talks and stories and activities. Every story has a message for me to learn from, and I’m so grateful that I receive the New Era every month. You are the best friend I could ever have.

Cheyne Duplisea
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Keep up

I am a Kenyan citizen and a reader of the New Era magazine. I would like to thank all the people who take part in publishing the New Era. I look forward to it each month. Each issue has something in it for me.

My New Era is sometimes late coming. I feel like crying when I miss it. Congratulations for doing a good work. Keep up! May God add you strength.

Joyce N. Mwangi
Kikuyu, Kenya

Not behind

I appreciate all the time and effort devoted to this fine magazine. It’s been like seeing an old buddy every month while I’ve been here on my mission. I see it as a great piece of artwork too. Who said Mormons were behind the times. Not you guys!

Sister Rice
Rep. of South Africa


I was very touched that you recognized Stephanie Kinderman in the FYI section of the June 1988 New Era. I am touched that her mother recognizes her and thinks so highly of her.

Marcus J. Ickes
Lubbock, Texas

Answer helped

I have been receiving the New Era for four months. In the April 1989 issue, the question was asked about how you act one way around your family and another around your friends. The answers helped me get along better with my family.

Jardel Stratten
Roy, Utah

Thanks a billion

Thank you so much for your inspiring articles you put in the New Era. They make a big difference in my life and help me to become the best person I can be. Thanks a billion!

April Tracy
Cupertino, California