FYI: For Your Information
July 1989

“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, July 1989, 40

For Your Information

Get Organized

Do you ever feel like you waste lots of time looking for things when you could be doing something fun instead? Do you always feel like you’re a few minutes behind?

You don’t have to spend your life catching up. The secret is to organize, especially your everyday things. Once you get a system, things will run more smoothly. Here are some tips to help you get more organized:

  1. Plan the night before what you are going to wear the next day. Make sure you won’t find the shirt or blouse you want to wear on the floor of your closet.

  2. Get in the habit of only putting your clothes away clean.

  3. If your clothes need a little ironing, try hanging them in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will often take small wrinkles out.

  4. Have a place for all your things like keys, socks, shoes, brush, and comb. Make sure you put them back in the same place, so you’ll always know where they are.

  5. When a button falls off your shirt, don’t think you’ll sew it back on when you have a free minute. Sew it on immediately if at all possible.

  6. Write down things you need to do and keep track of them.

Climbing Ayers

There it was, rising above the desert like a huge mound of bread dough, but instead of being soft, it was solid rock. The Young Women of the Alice Springs Branch in the Australia Adelaide Mission meant to climb to the top of this natural marvel.

The rock, known as Ayers Rock, is located southwest of Alice Springs. It is one of the world’s largest monoliths because it was formed from one huge, unfractured piece of rock. The steep climb, about two kilometers, was not an easy task, but most of the young women and their leaders made it to the top to see the beautiful view.

The three-day trip also included a hike through the Olgas, a cluster of round-topped mountains near Ayers Rock. The group traveled in all-terrain vehicles because of the rough desert country. The highlight was the testimony meeting held at the base of one of the Olgas as the sun went down.

“We had great fun. The view from Ayers Rock was worth the scary climb.” Joanne Thompson, 17

“We had a testimony meeting at sunset at the Olgas which was really special. It makes you appreciate how beautiful God’s creations are.” Rebecca Clement, 16

On the Ball

Doug Perry has a talent for athletics, especially baseball. During high school he received an award for the most improved baseball player and for all-around excellence in athletics.

Doug helped lead his baseball team to a league title, the first in 23 years, and was awarded all-league recognition. He also excelled in basketball and made the all-league team.

In addition to his honor roll performance in academics, Doug earned his Eagle Scout Award. He is a member of the Cottage Grove Second Ward, Eugene Oregon West Stake.

Model U.N. Rep

Nadine Sickles, a member of the Brockport Branch, Rochester New York Stake, represented her school at a model United Nations meeting in the Netherlands. She did many hours of research to prepare for this experience, and she learned a great deal about other governments as well as her own.

While in high school, Nadine was a cheerleader and a member of the band and chorus. She served as president of her Laurel class.

She’s the Editor

Jeanette Waite, Beehive class president from the Ammon Sixth Ward, Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon West Stake, served as the editor of her school’s yearbook. She also attended a yearbook camp where she won a prize for a layout she designed.

Jeanette is a talented pianist and an honor student.

Following Tradition

Daniel R. Couch of the Norcross Ward, Roswell Georgia Stake, received many awards upon graduating from high school. He received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award as well as a $25,000 academic scholarship to the university of his choice. However, one of the most rewarding achievements was his graduation from seminary with a perfect attendance record. This was achieved while participating in athletics, holding a part-time job, and maintaining excellent grades.

In addition Danny earned his Eagle Scout Award as well as On My Honor and Duty to God awards. He served as president of his priesthood quorums and as assistant Scoutmaster.

Danny followed in the tradition set by his older brother Steve in his perfect attendance at early-morning seminary. Their younger sister Emily is working toward the same mark.

Special Award

Tom Richins of the Cypress First Ward, Cypress California Stake, received a Special Award for Youth from a local corporation. The award, in its 15th year, is given to a young man based on his accomplishments in Scouting, school activities, and service to his community.

Tom was chosen from 850 applicants. He is an avid soccer player and is on his high school tennis team. He also enjoys basketball and baseball. And he maintains high grades.

In addition Tom completed his Eagle project and received his Eagle Scout Award shortly after receiving his special award.

All-American Girl

Jennie Watson, 14, of the Bountiful 46th Ward, Bountiful Utah Mueller Park Stake, has been selected as one of five finalists to compete in the Noxema All-American Girl Contest for 1988.

Jennie, a gifted pianist, was 12 when she won the University of Utah Summer Arts piano competition. As her prize she won the chance to solo with the Utah symphony. She received praise as one of the youngest soloists ever spotlighted in a Utah Symphony series.

At school Jennie has been selected as Student of the Month, maintains high grades, cheers with the pep squad, and accompanies the school choir. She serves as first counselor in her Mia Maid class.

Good Sport

Daniel Griffiths of the Wednesfield Ward, Lichfield England Stake, is talented in just about every sport, but he is especially good at badminton. He plays for the Novus Club at Wolverhampton and was recently chosen to play for the Staffordshire County under-16 team. That team had a winning season thanks in part to Daniel.

Daniel also participates in sports at school, where he is on nearly every athletic team. He took many first, second, and third places in the track events at the All-England Athletics competition in Birmingham. He would like to become a physical education teacher or coach when he finishes school.

Missionary Moment

Cristin Shaner of Coffeyville, Kansas, found an influential moment to talk about the Church. Performing in a contest, she sang a solo and, during the interlude between verses, gave a monologue about the Church.

The song was “If I Ruled the World” from the musical Pickwick. Cristy talked about how when she was small she thought that if she ruled the world she would tell everyone about her church, because it made her feel so good inside. She added that even as a young woman she still wanted to tell everyone about her church.

After Cristy won the contest, many people asked her about her church and wanted to know more about its teachings. And since she won the title she was competing for, Cristy has an even greater opportunity to be an example of the gospel.

Cristy is a seminary graduate and a recipient of the Young Womanhood Recognition. She is a member of the Coffeyville Kansas Branch in the Tulsa Oklahoma Stake.

Great Girl

Audra Wells is one 13-year-old that people look up to in more ways than one. She is already six feet, three inches tall and still growing. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and she is the pitcher on the fast-pitch softball team. She excels in sports despite the arthritis she has had since she was a baby.

Audra is a Beehive in the Longview First Ward, Longview Washington Stake. She enjoys Mutual and other Church activities and is an honor roll student.

Preserving Freedom

Sean Reyes, a priest in the Woodland Hills Ward, Canoga Park California Stake, was honored for an essay he wrote for the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge.

Sean received an all-expenses-paid trip to Valley Forge so he could represent the youth in schools throughout the Los Angeles area at a leadership conference held in Valley Forge. His essay stressed the need for strengthening moral and family values in order to preserve our freedoms.

Sean is a regular participant in student government activities, and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. He plays on the varsity football, basketball, and volleyball teams and has received his Eagle Scout Award.

World-Class Tumbler

Mandi Hamilton, a Beehive in the Amarillo First Ward, Amarillo Texas Stake, is a world-class tumbler. Mandi represented the United States in the 11- and 12-year-old category in the World Tumbling Championships. She qualified for this competition by placing first in the Southwest Regional Championships.

Besides practicing tumbling several hours a week under the direction of her coach, who is also her dad, Mandi finds time for other activities. She is a cheerleader at her junior high school and a straight-A student. She enjoys running and recently qualified for the Texas State Hershey Track Meet in 800 meters.

Medal Winner

Because of a car accident, Martin Verman, 17, of the Wednesfield Ward, Lichfield England Stake, was not able to play with his football team in the finals for the Town Cup. But he won a medal anyway.

Martin played so well during the rest of the season that organizers decided he deserved recognition too. This year he is the team captain.

Martin would like to attend Oxford University after his mission. He is a fourth-year seminary student and says, “Seminary has been a major source of spiritual inspiration for my life.”

Young Scientist

Heather Smith is not only a fine musician, an officer in school government, and a community volunteer, but she is also an outstanding scientist.

While in high school, Heather received several awards in state, national, and international science fairs for an independent research project she worked on for six years.

Heather, a member of the Bennion 15th Ward, Bennion Utah Stake, served as the editor of her high school newspaper, played on the varsity basketball team, participated in several musical groups, served on the seminary council, and received her Young Womanhood Recognition. She managed to do all of this despite a severe problem with asthma that must be treated with medication. She doesn’t dwell on the negative, however, and has learned to appreciate her blessings and take advantage of her opportunities.

Steps Lively

Gillian Geddis, 16, of the Bangor Ward, Belfast Northern Ireland Stake, is an excellent Irish dancer. But after seven years of medals and awards, she gave up dancing because Mutual falls on the same night as dance practice. She would rather attend Mutual and seminary.

In addition to her dancing, Gillian plays the trombone and the piano. She has taken modeling courses and has worked part-time for some Belfast fashion stores. “If I don’t become a full-time model,” she adds, “then I’ll study to be an architect as my best subjects at school are art and design.”

Photography by Craig Dimond

Hiking in Australia

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