November 1988

“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1988, 3



Oh how I wish that I were living there within the States to subscribe to the New Era more easily. I am Salvador A. Dulfo, a Blazer teacher in the Marikina Second Ward, Marikina Philippines Stake.

We are really gasping for air to survive. And I’m grateful that through the New Era I was relieved of the things that my family is facing nowadays. I’ve read a lot of the articles, and everything is outrageous! I can really feel it!

It was not easy to subscribe because we’re far, but through our Institute of Religion here I was able to reach for your marvelous feature stories, articles, and Feedback. I was really carried away by the great spirit of the authors. In so many ways they have touched my life, especially their great testimonies. I’m really enjoying the monthly issues. Super enjoyment!

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat (That’s “thank you very much to all of you” in Filipino.)

Salvador A. Dulfo
Marikina, Philippines

The best memory

I was recently looking through some back issues of the New Era, and in the March 1985 issue I found an article about Bruce Drennan that was of great interest to me. You see, I once knew him when I lived in California. I was only six when we moved there, and so my memories of him are somewhat limited, but they are crystal clear.

I don’t remember many people from our Ukiah Ward, but Bruce stands out in my mind the most. He loved kids, and we loved him. I guess it was because he always treated everyone like they were someone special. On Sundays he was always there, telling jokes and smiling his special smile. It was always fun to see Bruce, because he would say hi and make you feel welcome and loved. My sister always had a crush on him and followed him everywhere. He didn’t really seem to mind, and called her his girlfriend. It was something to see a young man and a four-year-old together. The four-year-old would be trying to teach him to do “itsy bitsy spider” without getting his fingers tangled up.

Three years later we moved to Utah. My last memory of Bruce was after he had come to BYU. A group of kids from our ward came to dinner. I was practicing the piano, and he listened for a while. Then he started to sing along with my playing. He didn’t notice the mistakes, but just kept singing. When we were done, he said, “You play the piano very well, Jennifer” and gave me a hug. That was the last time I saw him alive, and it is the best memory of him that I have.

Your article was very well done. I’m sure I speak for anyone who was touched by this young man when I say that the article captured him well. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories.

Jennifer Hill
Payson, Utah

A new person

I’m 16 years old and have been getting the New Era for over a year now. I never really read it until my mom read it one day and fell in love with it and told me there were neat stories in it. My mom is the president of the Young Women and encouraged all of us girls to read it.

I would like to thank Cyndi Erickson from Utah. Her letter was printed in the February 1988 Feedback section under the title “Don’t give up!” I’ve been going through some hard times, and when Mother read that letter in our Young Women meeting I got tears in my eyes. When I came home I read it again. Cyndi, I want you to know that you’ve touched someone’s heart. You’ve helped me put my life together, and I’m sure you’ve touched others too. I’m a new person now, and I love it. I love the Church, the gospel, Heavenly Father, my family, and the New Era!

Shelli Bigler
Walnut, California

Where’s that?

I was thinking whilst reading the December New Era that it’s a pity there aren’t a lot more articles about other countries, so I thought that I would write to the New Era and tell the youth who read it about my hometown in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The suburb I live in is named The Basin. It is very beautiful, and the people are always friendly. The Basin got its name because the Dandenong Ranges surround it, and it forms a basin. It is always green and beautiful. I am grateful that I live in a really beautiful place.

At one time it was considered the bush. People still ask “Where’s that?” when I tell them where I live, and I get pleasure from telling them about my hometown.

Whenever I have been away from home for a while, the first thing I look at are the Dandenong Hills, and then I know I’m home. I’m grateful Heavenly Father created such a beautiful place as this. When my family and I take a hike up into the hills I’m glad to be alive. I feel joy at seeing God’s creations untouched by man.

I live in a quiet street of 13 houses, and although my family are the only members of the Church, our neighbors are very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Amanda Eccles
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Come on, guys

I read the New Era every month, and I agree with the others in your Feedback section. But I don’t agree that the New Era is only good for a lift when you’re depressed or feeling down. It’s just plain good. I don’t read it to lighten my spirits. I read it for its helpful, spiritual messages. Your Feedback section has turned into a “bear your testimony” page. Come on, guys, we Mormons can do better than that.

Casey Boyle
Stockton, California