December 1987

“Feedback,” New Era, Dec. 1987, 3


What think ye?

This evening I was able to have a wonderful spiritual experience with a certain individual who was considering baptism but had many concerns to overcome. The Spirit took over and touched us both as she prayed. We were both elated as we walked out of my office and she was off to prepare for her baptism the following evening.

I was thinking of the Savior and how proud I was to be a member of his church when I opened up the latest New Era and began to read the article entitled “What Think Ye of Christ?” It was an excellent account of the Savior and his purpose, and the Spirit once again bore witness of him and his work. Thank you for that article and making this day even more memorable.

Elder Brian D. Church
New Zealand Auckland Mission

Grateful for granny

I’ve been receiving the New Era for about three years. I always feel uplifted whenever I get a copy. I was delighted to read the February 1987 issue on courtship and marriage. I’ve learned a lot of things pertaining to the temple. It gave me an idea of the sacredness of it and how couples are to be sealed for time and eternity. I’m so grateful for Sister Iona Flinders, my granny, for this wonderful gift she has for me. I can’t help but read the magazine even at the bus or wherever I may be. Thanks a lot, New Era.

Jackie N. Quilla
Paranaque, Philippines

That giant question

I just finished reading “When a Friend Dies” in the April 1987 issue, and I really feel strongly to write and thank you for this article. Two weeks ago four of my friends died in an accident. When I heard what had happened, I was totally shocked. Then it sank in and pain and emptiness just overwhelmed me. That day when I went to school everyone was upset and felt the same sense of loss that I felt.

But the understanding of the gospel, my prayers, and the scriptures have helped me to understand and go on with my life.

The pain of losing such good friends is still there, and I will never forget them. But now when I have that giant question “Why?” I can go back to this article and it will definitely help me out.

Thank you so much for your perfect timing, your wonderful magazine, and the best article in the world.

Lauri Williams
Brigham City, Utah

Sacrifice, love, and obedience

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the February 1987 issue. Celestial marriage is one of my favorite topics, and that issue answered many of my questions and made me look forward to the day when I take my special companion to be married for time and all eternity.

“The Wedding” was such an inspirational story. It really made me focus on sacrifice, love, and obedience. I am trying to prepare every day to earn the privilege of being married in the temple.

I really appreciate the special articles that are put into the New Era. It seems like everything applies to my daily life and helps me deal with my challenges. I know that these articles are inspired to help the youth of the Lord’s church.

Cambria Hunter
Huntington Beach, California

The cornerstone

As each month passes by on my mission, I am always thrilled to receive the New Era. The article “We Talk of Christ” really hit me hard. As I was working with the hearing impaired in the Portland area, my companion and I met a fine young lady and became good friends. She asked a lot of questions on a lot of different subjects, especially about prophets and temples, and we answered the best we could.

After the third visit she asked us not to return. I asked myself what we had done wrong. Looking back, I remembered reading “We Talk of Christ” in the New Era two days earlier. I realized that we didn’t talk about Christ very much, perhaps leading her to suppose that we worshiped prophets.

The next day we called her and apologized. I told her that we believe in Christ as the cornerstone of our religion. She responded happily and wanted us to come back and talk to her. I pray that she will accept the gifts of the gospel.

Elder Scott Ellison
Oregon Portland Mission

Blue or bored

I am a convert, and I received a gift subscription to the New Era as a Christmas present. I would like to publicly thank the Queen City Ward for giving me such an inspirational magazine to read. I really enjoy the articles. Whenever I’m feeling blue, or just bored, I pick up an issue, and it helps pick me back up. I also like the Mormonads. They really show a good example, and I wish I could see more.

I can’t wait until next month’s New Era comes.

Angie Taylor
Atlanta, Texas


I have enjoyed the New Era so much lately! Instead of watching TV or riding my bike, usually I just pick up the New Era and start reading. I enjoy Mormonisms, Mormonads, articles, fiction, the Message, and a whole lot more. Thanks for a wonderful magazine!

Emily Nisbet
Hollister, California

Not that far off

Thanks for the New Era. It has helped me to understand the gospel more. The articles that are in there are wonderful and make people want to try harder in whatever they do. Some of the goals in life don’t seem to be that far off now.

Thanks especially for the February issue. I really like the article “How to Treat a Girl.” I hope all those who read this article will appreciate, understand, and follow what it says.

Taihiese Wunderly
West Jordan, Utah