FYI: For Your Information
September 1987

“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, Sept. 1987, 43–45

For Your Information

I believe the first test of a truly great man is his humility.
—John Ruskin

Top Stopper

Timothy Foster of the St. Paul Second Ward, St. Paul Minnesota Stake, has gained the nickname “The Wall” on his soccer team because of his fine defensive play at stopper position. He was selected to be on the Minnesota Select Team that competed in the Norway Cup in Oslo.

A good student, Tim was also the captain of the track team. He served as first assistant in his priests quorum and graduated from four years of seminary.

Active in Australia

Matthew Rancie of Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia, has a rich LDS heritage, and he is setting an example for his eight younger brothers.

At school, Matthew has been taunted and teased to try to get him to swear, but he refuses to do so. His classmates also tried to bribe him with money to try a cigarette saying, “I suppose you won’t even do it now.” They were right.

Matthew’s father, uncles, and grandfathers have served as bishops, in high councils, in stake presidencies, and in mission presidencies. He has 32 cousins, all active in the Church. As the oldest, he plans to set an example by being the first to serve a mission. In his ward, he serves as pianist for the priesthood.

Musical Girl

Terri Lynn Gibb of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada, was selected as student council president for her high school. An honors student, Terri won the school spirit award and the social studies award for her class.

Terri has played the flute in the school band and teaches piano after school. She serves as assistant ward organist and as Laurel class president in her ward, the Pincher Creek Ward, Ft. Macleod Alberta Stake.

Helping Others

Amber Callahan of the Chula Vista Second Ward, Chula Vista California Stake, is actively concerned in helping others. She has donated 400 hours of volunteer work at a community hospital. She tutors slow learners at the junior high school, and she travels to other schools with a group that puts on a “Say No to Drugs” production.

She recently returned from West Germany where she spent part of the summer as an exchange student. She is an excellent student and has taken some college classes along with her high school work.

Painting the Town

by Vickie Toy

Early one hazy September morning a large group of teenagers showed up on Main Street in Shelley, Idaho, with brushes and paint cans, determined to paint the town red or whatever color the proprietors of the businesses selected.

In total, the group of youth from the Shelley Idaho Stake cleaned up and painted 11 stores. Even the local bar got a new coat of paint, as well as the police station. They also cleared away rubbish, pulled weeds, and planted hundreds of flowers.

With a population of 4,000, Shelley is largely an LDS community. The cleanup day was designed by caring Young Men and Young Women leaders to give the youth an opportunity to experience the joy of service.

“I thought it looked real neat when we cleaned up the town,” said Norina Cox, 12. “I was proud to say I helped.”

“I liked the feeling I got when we fixed up Shelley. It was worth the effort,” added Kristen Sargis.

The downtown street was deteriorating. Over the years, businesses had closed and storefronts stood vacant. Plans for the downtown cleanup started long before the activity took place. Church leaders met with the city council and the Chamber of Commerce to coordinate plans. Paint was donated, and equipment offered.

At the end of a hard day, the youth gathered to celebrate at a street dance held in a local parking lot.

“I’d been involved in Scout service projects before,” said Shane Thiemann, “but this was a giant one. It improved the way people feel about our town.”

Personal Development

Kathryn J. Vedell of the Kirtland Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake, was recognized for her outstanding achievements during the Miss Teen of Ohio pageant. She received the Personal Development award given for her interests and hobbies that have made her a well-rounded individual. Kathryn said her involvement in Church programs like Primary and Mutual provided her with many opportunities for personal development.

Kathryn has also been awarded a scholarship to spend her senior year of high school in Germany on an exchange program.

Title of Values

When the girls of the Logan Utah Mt. Logan Stake gathered for the opening ceremony of girls’ camp, a new flag, with colors representing the Young Women values, was unfurled. A member of the stake Young Women presidency told the story of Captain Moroni; then the girls were invited to sign their names on the flag as a pledge to live their values.

Each morning the flag was hoisted aloft as a visual reminder of the camp theme.

But at the end of the camp, the flag was not folded away. Leaders have plans to fly the flag at every Young Women event held in the future, and new girls are invited to sign it as they enter the Young Women program.

With a Song

by Anne Bradshaw

Beth Stanton of the Wolverhampton Ward, Lichfield England Stake, loves to sing. She teaches in a school for socially deprived teenagers, and her ambition is to bring joy into their lives through music.

Beth took a lead part in a major British church production, and has recently organised a Young Adult choir which travelled and performed for charities, handicapped children, and social events.

She serves in her ward as a counsellor to the Young Women president and teaches institute.

All Sewn Up

The Young Women of the Lafayette Ward, Baton Rouge Louisiana Stake, completed a special quilting project. Each girl cross-stitched a colored square that displayed one of the Young Women values. The Young Women motto was added as well.

The quilt was made with the intent of presenting it to their Young Women president while she thought it was to be given to someone else. Prior to the presentation, Shannon Dunaway, the Laurel president, explained to the ward the meaning of the quilt and the love that had gone into each stitch.

Timothy Foster

Matthew with two of his younger brothers

Terri Lynn Gibb

Kathryn J. Vedell

Beth Stanton