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“Feedback,” New Era, Aug. 1987, 3


One complaint

I really enjoy the Mormonads. I have only one complaint. Why aren’t they in every issue? The Mormonads have inspired me in the past, and they still do. They have helped me through my trials and they make me think and try to be better. The one in the January 1986 issue has really helped me. After reading and really pondering it, I corrected one of the greatest sins I’ve ever committed.

I think it’s wonderful that some of the Mormonads have come out in poster size, but please don’t forget those who can’t receive the posters at this time.

Name withheld

Eight is not enough

I have seven loving sisters ranging in age from 4 1/2 to 19 years. I’m the third daughter. My beautiful-spirited parents just announced that there is going to be another addition to our family. Since I haven’t exactly been a peacemaker in our home, I decided that this new baby is going to be loving and friendly to everyone “he” (???) meets so that he won’t be as unhappy as I have been in the past.

The story “Orphaned” in the October 1986 issue has helped me love and appreciate the wonderful family that I have even more! I strive harder each day to be the kind of person I should be.

Each story published in the New Era helps my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel grow stronger. I look forward each month to reading this uplifting magazine. I also want to thank you so much for the great influence the New Era has in my life. I will never forget the ever-so-needed lessons taught to me through the New Era.

Sherry Dawn Glenn
Odenville, Alabama

I felt so good

I just finished reading the February 1987 New Era on courtship and marriage. I felt so good reading about such spiritual things. I love the temples. I recently went to do baptisms for the dead in the Salt Lake Temple, and now reading a whole issue on temples I’m definitely on a spiritual high.

I simply can’t wait to get married in my favorite temple (the Washington D. C. Temple) when my time comes.

I really love the New Era! It is such an uplifting magazine. I sit there and read it over and over again to get the meaning.

The issue really helped me out with some doubts and concerns. Thanks so much for sending me this special edition.

Erin Mc Coy
Graham, Washington

All about temples

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about temple marriage, so it was such a surprise to see that the February 1987 issue was all about temple marriage. Thanks especially for the article “Preparing for the Temple Endowment.” It answers the questions I’ve had about temple marriage.

Thanks for all the guidance the New Era gives. I rush to read it first every month. (I have a sister my age who likes to read it too.) I have gained so much from the New Era. It is so easy to get caught up in all the worldly things around you. I’m so thankful that I have my family, the Church, and the New Era to help me set my goals high and attain them.

Marie Lyons
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

So go

I enjoyed “RMs at QB” in the January New Era. It reminded me of one of our elders in my mission a generation ago. He, too, was a star BYU football player and a giant of a man. He gave it all up to serve a mission, and brought many, many people into the Church. Some of these converts are now strong priesthood holders.

I would like to tell all you prospective missionaries that a mission is fun and that you will meet other missionaries you will never forget.

Of course, no mission is great without a sacrifice. But I’ve known only a few who regretted their mission and many many who love it lifelong. So go, and your dreams will come true.

Karen Dietz
Seattle, Washington

Thanks twice

I want to thank you for two things.

First, thank you for the poster-size Mormonads. My comp and I both ordered them right when we saw the order form. My apartment is now plastered with both Mormonad posters and the regular Mormonads.

Second, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the article “The Plot Thickens” in the October 1986 issue of the New Era.

In one of my areas, my comp and I got to see all 15 segments of the new seminary films “Free to Choose.” They are great! I just wish everybody could see them. As my comp and I watched them, it really hit home for both of us.

Well done!

Elder Russell Dixon
Colorado Denver Mission

Just how important

When my February 1987 New Era arrived, I read most of the articles that afternoon. I have been planning to be married in the temple for most of my life. This issue of the New Era has shown me just how important it really is. Thank you.

Jennifer King
Pocatello, Idaho

RMs at QB is A-OK

Thank you for the wonderful article entitled “RMs at QB” in the January 1987 issue. I loved it!

I have been trying to decide which college to go to when I graduate from high school. That article and the darling pictures almost made me want to run to BYU and see if they would let me go to their school.

It was so refreshing to see that there are still some righteous young men in the world who love and obey their Heavenly Father. What great examples they are! May blessings be continually poured out upon the heads of those that choose to serve the Lord on a mission.

Lindsey Olsen
Ogden, Utah