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“Feedback,” New Era, Dec. 1986, 3


They lighten my load

I am a missionary serving in the Samoa Apia Mission, and I felt the need to express my gratitude for the excellence of the songs in the New Era. I love songs. I like practicing new songs on the piano until I know how to play them and sing them.

The words of these songs really touch my heart. They also lighten my load and brighten my way. I know the Lord has given each of us different talents, and we should develop them. Thank you for the great music, and for publishing such a great magazine for the youth of the Church.

Sister Faapepele Christina Young Yen
Samoa Apia Mission

Why not a contest?

I love the Mormonads. I use them in my teaching. I would like them larger as posters. They are great. Why not have a contest to contribute ideas?

Doreen Neser
Simi Valley, California

Great advice

My bishop has counseled me to use the stories found in the New Era in teaching the youth. That is such great advice. The New Era has outstanding articles for lessons. This month I’m using David Campbell’s feature on trust, “To Be Trusted,” in the July 1986 issue, and Alma Yates’s story on service, “Buying the Feeling,” in the June 1986 issue. Thanks, New Era. You make my life better.

John Wilson
Simi Valley, California

Number two is number one

I was very impressed by the article “How to Be Number Two” in the June 1986 New Era. I think that it is important to participate in activities even though you may not always be in the spotlight. I also appreciated the advice of Blaine Fowler to “Always strive to be good at something.” I feel that it has inspired me to become better. Keep up the good work!

Chris Perez
Derby, Kansas

A bright thread

I’m writing in regard to the article in the April 1986 issue of the New Era entitled “Monuments of Faith” by Richard M. Romney. I want to tell you how much I appreciated that article. I served my mission in Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve been home two years now. Reading that article brought back so many memories of things which I had forgotten.

Brother Romney mentions some things which really annoyed me while I was in Taiwan, such as the bus girl’s whistle. But reading about it and thinking back on it, I could not read this article without crying. I had to stop several times because the words became too blurry. I would like to thank Brother Romney for writing this article so well. He says it just like it is—no glorifying, no pretense—just straightforward reporting.

Taiwan has certainly become an important part of my life. I think the article said it perfectly: “Visit Taipei, Taiwan, and colors and sounds like these will paint your memory. Stay here and they will weave like a bright thread through the fabric of your life.”

I’m having a hard time expressing my feelings the way I would like to, maybe because they are so deep, but I want you to know how much I appreciate that article. I also loved the photography. It sure brought back great memories.

Kerri Graham
Provo, Utah


Hi! My name is Heidi Kemp. I’m 12 years old and I really enjoy the New Era! My favorite stories in the January 1986 issue are “A Faithful Servant” and “The Chrysalis.” Each month I can hardly wait to receive each new issue. The New Era has really strengthened my testimony. Keep doing the good work. It’s really uplifting.

Heidi Kemp
West Valley City, Utah

A little steam

I enjoy the New Era for its spirituality, humor, and fun. It is a great magazine for everyone.

I am glad my parents subscribed every year, because it got me to read it more often. Your articles are a great inspiration to all Mormon youth. We need something like this to let off a little steam and help us along our path to exaltation.

I will continue to subscribe for myself and in the future for my family. Thank you again for the great messages sent forth through these articles.

P. Snyder
Thousand Oaks, California

A big balloon

The June New Era was the second I have received. I enjoyed it so much. After reading two special articles—“To the Rising Generation” by President Benson and “Is There Not a Cause” by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone—I felt so light inside. It felt as if my spirit was a big balloon filled with helium, wanting to float heavenward. I felt so much love in me that I wanted to hug everyone and tell everyone that I love them and that I love the Church. The New Era is a great way to feed my spirit. Thank you so much, New Era. I love you!

Sabrena Higby
Tucson, Arizona

As a child’s

I am a missionary in the Canada Montreal Mission. I just read the article “I Love You, Clown” in the June New Era. I loved the message presented. As a missionary I have found some of my most choice experiences in being able to make a child’s day a little brighter. Children are so sensitive.

I pray continually that the hearts of adults will be softened as a child’s. I’m sure anyone who read this article has had an increased desire to be of service. I certainly have. It is so exciting to do the Lord’s work and to be in service constantly. My testimony is continually increasing. What a fabulous feeling it is to be doing the Lord’s work and to share such an important message.

Sister Margo D. Culp
Canada Montreal Mission