“Feedback,” New Era, Oct. 1986, 3


    Good sense

    I’ve been reading the New Era throughout my mission and have enjoyed the articles each month. The article “A Good Sense of Humor” by Chris Crowe in the May 1986 issue really hit home.

    I grew up in a family where a sense of humor was a must, and for the most part it was all given and taken in fun. But through this article I’ve come to realize that when you really love someone you should build him up, not cut him down.

    Two of my favorite lines in the article were “If you didn’t mean it, you wouldn’t say it,” and “It’s impossible to know what will hurt someone and what won’t.”

    This article helped me and many other missionaries to realize that the things we say to each other are important and that once something is said it can’t be taken back.

    The remarks we make to other people are especially important in the mission field, because we know nothing about the past of the people we work with. When we begin to joke about things, we never know what will or will not offend the people we are trying to love so much.

    Elder Mike Macrum
    Hawaii Honolulu Mission

    Help me reach out

    “A Good Sense of Humor” by Chris Crowe in the May 1986 New Era was a good and much-needed topic. While reading it, I recalled times when I was the brunt of jokes and ridicule. But I also remembered times when my careless words really hurt.

    One such time I had the opportunity to repent but never did. Now I have even forgotten the name of the person I hurt. Could you help me reach out to her?

    The incident occurred in 1966 at a bus stop in Salt Lake City following a state FFA Convention. The Dixie and Hurricane chapters traveled together and cheered for the Hurricane Harvest Queen. She didn’t even place. As she boarded the bus, the losing queen had a formal gown in one hand and a suitcase in the other. She held a spray bottle of hair spray in her mouth. A few of us rowdy boys made fun of her situation. “No wonder she lost the contest!” I jeered. We had wanted her to win and were just having fun.

    She cried most of the way home. Though there was an empty seat beside her, I was too fearful to go apologize for my mistake.

    The years have flown. Many a time I would have relived that night, would have apologized, would have held my tongue. But that cannot be. I did learn from it, and I don’t point jokes at others anymore.

    Jay Beacham
    Ivins, Utah


    I am really interested in the Mormonad posters. I am only 13, but I would love to hang them in my room each month to inspire me.

    Jennifer Christensen
    Murray, Utah

    From a friend

    I want to express my many thanks to the New Era. I am receiving this year’s subscription as a present from a friend in Ohio. I enjoy reading the magazine and so do my friends at school. I am looking forward to many more years of reading it. Thanks, New Era; you make my day.

    Sephlin E. Beatong
    Edgewater, Jamaica

    It gets discouraging

    I just felt I had to tell you how much this magazine means to me. It gets so discouraging when you feel like you’re the only teenager who wants to live the Church standards. The New Era helps me learn about other kids who are trying too. I love every article. They have special messages that help me cope.

    Thank you for the help and support.

    Cina Nielsen
    Nephi, Utah

    Long-lived loyalty

    I am so glad I have the New Era. I started reading it when I turned 12, and now that I’m 13 I still love it! It has helped me so much. I especially love the Mormonads. Thanks heaps!

    Kimberly Bryson
    Loring AFB, Limestone, Maine

    The best

    I am very grateful for the best magazine I’ve ever read. It seems like after a hard day I come home and pick up a New Era. I love the New Era. It’s the greatest. The gospel is true. I love it.

    Elder Michael D. Curtis
    New Zealand Christchurch Mission

    Numero uno

    I would like to thank you very much for printing the special Young Women issue of the New Era in November of 1985. I still have that special issue because it is very very important to me.

    Before I attended that special fireside of the Young Women via satellite, I wasn’t really active in the Church activities. My family have been members of the Church for 14 years now, but I’ve never felt this way about the Church before. I am now 16 years old, and I’m just beginning to enjoy it.

    The New Era helps me and gives me useful ideas. We recently moved to Fairfield, California. I would like to thank the members of the Fairfield First Ward, Bishop Willey, my teachers in Sunday School, and, of course, the Young Women leaders, for helping me develop spiritually in the Church organization. I had the chance to meet new friends and to increase my skills in sports such as volleyball and basketball. I’m very proud to say that it’s a great ward!

    I also want to especially thank a very special friend of mine who helped me a lot in getting back into the Church and the important activities I’d been missing out on. That special friend is Eliza Willey. If I hadn’t met her I wouldn’t be writing this very important letter.

    Thank you, New Era. You’re numero uno!

    Rebecca O. Soria
    Fairfield, California