September 1986

“Feedback,” New Era, Sept. 1986, 3


I wish I had a friend

I have been receiving the New Era for about four years. I was very touched by the article “A Good Place to Start” in the March 1986 issue. My family has been inactive since I was born. Till the time I was ten years old I attended church regularly with a neighbor. I loved to go to church because I was growing up with the kids. Seven years ago we moved, and I began attending a ward about ten miles from my old one. I attended this ward for about ten months and couldn’t seem to fit in. The elders welcomed me, but the teenagers didn’t. I was an outsider. For ten months I felt like a tag-along, and I finally quit.

Now I am an inactive member of the Church. I wish I had a friend like Marcy to welcome me back!

Name withheld

A temptation

It is interesting to see and feel the effect that a story can have on one’s soul. Many thanks to Sharon Bradley for the story “The Swing” in the February 1986 issue of the New Era.

Serving in the Australia Melbourne Mission, where a lot of people are just not so interested to hear about the gospel, I was inspired by “The Swing” not to despair after a long day of tracting and not getting in at all to teach. As the story said, things look different when you can get above them. Faith is definitely the key to success in missionary work and everything else.

If teaching is a fair-dinkum privilege, the New Era is definitely a temptation, and that’s for sure. Keep up the good work.

Sister Jackie De Guzman
Australia Melbourne Mission

Maybe Dad will see

I would like to express how much I appreciate the New Era. It is such a wonderful magazine for the youth of the Church and has helped me a lot in my life.

I am now serving a full-time mission and enjoy seeing the light the gospel brings to the lives of the people we serve. Missionary work within one’s own family is much more difficult though. I really loved the article entitled “Number One Goal—Get Dad Baptized” in the February 1986 issue.

My father is not a member. It is my goal, like Susan’s, for him to someday accept the gospel and be baptized. Nothing would make me happier than seeing my family be sealed in the temple as an eternal family.

It will not be an easy goal to accomplish, but through my example and prayers maybe Dad will see how much the gospel means to me and how happy we would be if he was baptized.

Elder Greg Kelley
Hawaii Honolulu Mission

I only wish

I’m 12-years-old, and I live in Germany. I really enjoy the New Era. The Jack Weyland stories and Mormonads are my favorites. The Mormon-ads are up all over my room. I only wish there was one every month!

Annissa Chandler

You bet!

YOU BET I‘D LIKE POSTER-SIZE MORMONADS EACH MONTH!!!! I’d even be willing to pay a higher subscription price to make it possible. We live in a small, isolated branch, so you might guess that I have more than one calling. To start 1986 out with a more enthusiastic Gospel Doctrine class, I used the poster-size Mormonad from the December issue. In fact, it’s still up in full view in our classroom.

For my February Cultural Refinement lesson in Relief Society, I used the Mormonad from the March issue. How great it would have been if it had been poster size.

We have subscribed to the New Era from day one, and now, even though our youngest child is on a mission, I wouldn’t even consider letting our subscription expire. I turn to the New Era constantly as I prepare for my teaching responsibilities. I taught seminary for four years, and I felt the New Era was so important that I formulated questions from the magazine that my students could answer for bonus points. The response was so great that I allowed them to give a brief synopsis of the article from which the question was taken if they cared to, and many times they did. To me, that was a good indicator of their enthusiasm for the New Era.

In short, the New Era is indispensable in our home, and words cannot adequately or accurately express how special it is to us.

Marie Zapitello
Leadville, Colorado

50,000 sacrifices

I couldn’t believe it when I picked up my March New Era and found a story about baseball cards. I am 17 and have a collection of over 50,000 cards, so naturally I was intrigued. As I read the story of Elder Farmer, it really hit home. As I had pondered my future I could see myself in anguish selling my collection to finance a mission. Reading that story gave me courage to do what I most likely will have to do, knowing someone else has done the same thing. Thanks, Elder Farmer, and thanks, New Era.

Ron Zimmerman
Layton, Utah

I agree

I am the Laurel president in the Douglas Ward, Douglas Georgia Stake, and I agree with making Mormonad posters. I think they would help a lot in teaching.

Renee Wilkerson
Willacoochee, Georgia

A great teaching tool

I was reading in your Feedback department about a sister who was interested in poster-size Mormonads. I have just recently been looking through old New Eras to find some Mormonads to put on my kitchen bulletin board. It would be great to have them poster size.

Trina McLoney
Arcata, California

Good news, Mormonad lovers! Your calls and letters have convinced us. We’re offering 12 of your favorite ads as beautiful 14-by-20-inch posters. See page 51 of this issue for details. Editor