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“Feedback,” New Era, Mar. 1986, 3


Let your standards be known

I’ve been receiving the New Era for a long time but never had the time to sit down and really read it. When I received the September 1985 issue I eagerly sat down and read it from cover to cover. Every article seemed to have a very special message for me, but I was particularly impressed with the fiction, “A Small Light in the Darkness.” Last year I moved to a new school that is much larger and a new branch that is much smaller than my former one.

In establishing new relationships, the best thing to do is to let your standards be known, stick with them, and set the example! How much easier it is in the long run!

I would like to thank you for the wonderfully spiritual and uplifting magazine you publish for the youth. It helps me a lot, and I hope everyone who reads this letter will understand the importance of reading the New Era. Each month it has a lesson for all of us.

Patricia A. DeFrank
Brockport, New York

Worn and tattered songs

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the New Era. As a teenager, a college student, and now as a mother, I have always looked forward to receiving my next issue in the mail.

I have also gained a greater love and appreciation for the New Era through my callings in the Young Women program for the past eight years. The articles and poetry have been valuable additions to many lessons and presentations.

My greatest love in the New Era, though, is the music. Each month I quickly thumb through the issue to see if a new song has been included. Since my home is rather small, and storage space is limited, I have not been able to keep the volumes of magazines I’ve accumulated through these many years. But I have saved most of the music. My little binder had to be exchanged for a larger one to hold eight years worth of original, uplifting songs and hymns. These, too, have been an important part of lessons, sharing times, New Beginnings, standards events, and leadership meetings.

Many of the pages in my binder are now well worn and somewhat tattered. I would love to see a New Era songbook published for a permanent collection of these well-loved pieces.

Sometimes thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words can better be said through song. Thank you, New Era, for keeping us “In Tune.”

Barbara Steffensen
Blackfoot, Idaho

Another witness

While reading “Another Witness” in the July 1985 issue, I received many answers to my questions about the Hill Cumorah Pageant. By seeing the pageant I also received many more answers about the Book of Mormon and its relationship to other aspects of the gospel. Thanks a bunch!

April Smith
Thomasville, Georgia

An ex-skimmer

I have been receiving the New Era for about three years now—since I entered the Young Women program. I would skim through the magazine and read an occasional article I thought might be interesting. I have now realized the importance of this wonderful magazine. It has uplifted me when I’ve felt down. I am now going through all my old issues, and I’m reading every single article. I am looking forward to each new issue and the uplifting articles it contains. Thank you for compiling such a great magazine. I hope all new subscribers will read it in its entirety!

Cathy Carmode
Murray, Kentucky

Minimission maxifan

Thank you for the article about minimissions in the September 1985 issue. I was very interested in it and was able to relate to the things that were written.

I too served a minimission last summer in the California Fresno Mission. Before going I had some uncertain feelings about whether to serve the Lord for two years or not. I was impressed with the elders I was with and the missionary life they led. The feeling of sharing the gospel also helped strengthen my testimony so much that I am now very enthusiastic about serving a full-time mission. I am waiting to get my call. As I look back, my minimission changed my attitude and life.

Keith Carlson
San Andreas, California

As happy as myself

I would like to acknowledge the work that is put into the New Era. I am the editor of the branch paper, and am finding it a challenge to get it out every month. About four years ago I had a letter published in Feedback. Because of that letter, I gained a very special friend. Lori Wall saw my letter and found it very close to her ideals. She wrote to me, and we have been writing to each other ever since. We hope someday to meet each other. I feel that I have known her since the time before we came to earth. I know that I have come to know a very special spirit and sister. Thank you so much for helping us meet each other. I hope that you have made someone else as happy as myself.

Petra Mills
Orange, N.S.W., Australia

Things I needed to hear

I was very much impressed by the October 1985 issue of the New Era. It had many articles in it that contained things that I needed to hear. But the article “Best Friends” was my favorite.

Rachel Gerber
Red Bluff, California

Away from the Lord

I can’t thank you enough for “Harley-Davidson” in the August 1985 New Era. I was starting to go away from the Lord. I used bad language and loved money. That article really helped me realize what I was doing. Now every time I feel away from the Lord, I just read that story.

Yvonne Woodbury
Longmont, Colorado