April 1985

“Feedback,” New Era, Apr. 1985, 3


Another little miracle

I just wanted to tell you how special the New Era is. In October 1984 there was a story called “A Little Miracle,” the story of a boy named Eric who helped his little friend. What an unexpected answer to a puzzling problem!

A couple of years ago I was teaching the CTRs (age 7) in Primary. I always listen very carefully to what each child says. One little boy was very upset because his younger sister got all the attention, at least in his mind. I saw the boy with his sister Sunday. I asked him if he was his sister’s protector. He said no. Then I told him a quick version about Eric and how he was always a friend. I felt it was my gift to two very faithful, devoted parents.

Sometimes we don’t realize what one story or one person can do in the lives of others.

Karen Dietz
Seattle, Washington

Bowled over

I would like to thank you very much for the article “Bowl ’em Over” in the September 1984 New Era. The eager anticipation shown in the photos of the youth brought back many fond and exciting memories from over a year ago when I was in my last year of seminary.

I remembered how our little seminary group studied for long hours almost every time we met (once each week) to be the best scripture chasers in our district (the Dubois District in the Pennsylvania Pittsburg Mission).

At the end of the year, Kelly, Amy, and Debbie Starner, Jody Johnson, my sister Dona, and I fulfilled our promise that we had made to our wonderful teacher, Sister Betty Adams. We won the championship blue ribbons as the best team. Amy and I were the top male-female chasers in the district.

The great love we shared at each Super Saturday, the competition, and the other activities brought us all a little bit closer to each other and the Lord. I’m very grateful for those special occasions that touched my spirit, helping me in a time when I was struggling for a real testimony of my own.

I really appreciate that article. I have been receiving the New Era for over three years, and I will continue to do so as long as I live.

PFC Howard M. Davidson
Camp Hovey, Korea

And now, back to the magazine

After reading the first four articles of my October issue of the New Era, I was so impressed with the content that I just had to stop and write of my appreciation. As a Church Educational System stake coordinator, I strongly urge our seminary teachers to use this terrific magazine in teaching the youth.

And now back to the rest of the magazine!

E. Bruce Preece
Vancouver, Washington


I appreciate the New Era. It is a great publication and provides hours of inspiration each month. I love to read each edition cover to cover as it relieves me of life’s burdens and worries. I appreciate it as I would a cool glass of water in an arid desert. I thoroughly enjoy each and every article. Thank you for your efforts in publishing one of the best magazines in the world.

Matt Williams
Salem, Oregon

You’re talking my language

I am 17 years old, and I am presently living in Finland as a foreign exchange student. I really appreciate the New Era. Living in a different country, understanding only a little of the language, gets quite boring at times. When I left the United States I brought with me two issues of the New Era. I have enjoyed them very much. When I have those times when I don’t understand anything, I read the New Era over and over again, and I learn something new every time!

Bonnie Donoghue
Suomi, Finland

Somebody special

Since I have been on my mission I have read the New Era often. It has always helped me when I felt depressed. The stories and articles are all inspiring.

I first read it when I joined the Church in 1981, and have been reading it ever since. I feel it appeals to all ages and to the missionaries especially. Most of the stories relate to my life. I especially enjoyed the story “He Was Somebody Special” by Frank D. Day in the September 1983 issue. That story was an ideal illustration of the worth of a soul in the sight of God and how we can help people to have confidence in themselves, to feel that they are children of God, and to feel loved.

Thank you, Frank D. Day, for that inspiring story. Thanks to all of you who write for the New Era. And thank you, New Era, for this super marvelous magazine.

Elder Bassam H. Faress
Africa West Mission

Breaking free

I was greatly touched by the article “Breaking Free” by Lee Dalton in the November 1984 New Era. I am a missionary working with the Asian people in southern California. In my work I often find people who turn aside the blessings of meeting and friendshipping these people because they are different.

I could really feel with Brother Dalton as he grew in love and friendship for Diane, because I have had a similar experience with the Asian people. I have experienced the sadness of having an eight-year-old Vietnamese girl look up at me and ask why the American kids at school hated her, and of having a man say, “I didn’t think you would let those kinds of people in your church.” I hope and pray that someday we can all learn to love our fellowmen, no matter how different they are from us. We are all the children of God.

Elder Thomas D. Ball
Anaheim, California