FYI: For Your Information

    “FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, Mar. 1985, 40–43

    For Your Information

    Science Fair Runner-up

    Jennifer Rowe of Modesto, California, was sweepstakes runner-up in the junior division of the California Central Valley Science and Engineering Fair. Over 500 students entered projects and competed for awards.

    Jennnifer, 12, is a straight-A student. She keeps busy with piano, ballet, and softball. She is in the Modesto Ward, Modesto California North Stake, where she is active in her Beehive class.

    Golden Rule

    Delores Curlee of the Peachtree City Ward, Atlanta Georgia Stake, was selected by the teachers at her high school to receive the Golden Rule Award. The award is presented by the Peachtree City Kiwanis Club to a student who “exhibits the qualities and principles which constitute the Golden Rule.”

    Delores is vice-president of the French Club. She has attended seminary every year and is the Laurel class president.

    Garnering Awards

    In the awards assembly at his junior high school in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nathan Brunner received five awards for excellence. His achievements were in math, language arts, science, Junior Honor Society, and for maintaining straight-A grades for the entire year.

    Nathan is a deacon in the Las Vegas Second Ward, Las Vegas Central Stake.

    Safety Pamphlets

    Call your parents when you leave to come home from a babysitting job so they will know when to expect you.

    This is just one tip in a new pamphlet produced by the Relief Society called “Self-Protection for Babysitters” (PXRS0293). Included in the pamphlet are suggestions for discerning which babysitting jobs to take, cautions for transportation to and from the job, preventive measures to take in handling telephone calls or visitors, and tips for handling emergency situations.

    Two other pamphlets are also available: “Safety Precautions for Women and Children” (PXRS0497), which is designed to sensitize women and children to potential danger situations; and “Your New Baby” (PXRS0329), intended to help prevent child abuse and offer suggestions for interacting with a new baby. It also chronicles a newborn’s month-by-month growth up to the first year.

    The pamphlets are available through the Salt Lake City Distribution Center, 1999 West 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. Each pamphlet is 10¢.

    European Wrestling Champ

    Craig Laurence, 15, recently won the European Junior Wrestling Championship in the 164-pound division. As a ninth grader in Giessen, Germany, he was also voted the most valuable player on his football team.

    Craig was president of the National Junior Honor Society, student council representative, and a member of the drama club.

    Craig was president of his teachers quorum in the Butzbach Ward, Frankfurt Germany Servicemen Stake. He has also completed the requirements for his Eagle Scout award.

    First Eagle

    Kenneth Wayne Auld of Marysville First Ward, Marysville Washington Stake, has earned his Eagle badge. He is the first in his extended family to achieve this rank in Scouting.

    Kenny has been active in school and church activities. He has served as secretary for his teachers quorum in his ward.

    Girl With Drive

    Nicole McCullough, a member of the La Canada Second Ward, La Crescenta California Stake, has a remarkable drive for excellence. It is that drive, and not the promise of any award, that has kept her studying long after her classmates have closed their books for the night. Not coincidentally then, Nicole has received a series of the highest honors bestowed on United States high school students.

    Nicole has been named a National Merit Scholar. She has been named a Spencer W. Kimball Scholar at Brigham Young University, an honor bestowed each year on 12 women and 12 men of the entering freshman class. She has been named as one of a group of 350 United States high school students who spent a long weekend with Nobel Prize laureates, corporate board chairmen, and well-known sports, entertainment, and government figures. This event was sponsored by the American Academy of Achievement. And Nicole is one of only 141 American high school students receiving the nation’s top honor, the Presidential Scholarship, presented by President Reagan.

    In addition to her studies, Nicole is a track star (first in her league in the 880), cheerleader, valedictorian, piano student, winner of state awards in math and science, officer in her Young Women classes, recipient of the Young Womanhood Recognition, and a seminary graduate.

    Star Goalie

    Dan Mehr, a priest in the Rhinelander Branch of the Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mission, received numerous honors as goaltender for his high school hockey team. His team won the WIAA State High School Hockey championship.

    Dan was voted North Central Conference first team goalie and player of the year. In addition, he was selected first team allstate and the team’s most valuable player.

    The Winning Spark

    Reed Steven Orcutt won the Utah Vocational Industrial Clubs competition in electrical trades and represented the state in the national competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Reed is an Eagle Scout and enjoys outdoor sports. He is a priest in the Butler Ninth Ward, Salt Lake Cottonwood Heights Stake.

    In the Court

    Kenneth Scott Burnham, 14, of the Mesa 15th Ward, Mesa Arizona Central Stake, knows his way around a tennis ball. Even though he was a freshman, he tried out for and made not only the junior varsity but the varsity tennis team. He earned his varsity letter.

    Scott also maintains high grades. He is an Eagle Scout with three palms and served as the troop’s senior patrol leader. He also serves as his seminary class president. He is earning money for his mission by mowing lawns year-round.

    Knows Where He’s Going

    Lane Strathearn from the Redcliffe Ward, Brisbane Australia Stake, is a young man who knows where he is going. He was nominated for and reached the regional finals in the Lion’s Club Youth of the Year contest. He enjoys public speaking, and with his speech on “The New Morality—It’s Missing Dimension,” he reached the Southeast Queensland Finals.

    Lane was also selected to attend Australia’s first national summer school. He participated in a two-week trip to the country’s capital, Canberra, where he and 200 other students rubbed shoulders with some of the top Australian scientists.

    Lane is a school captain in his high school and is the open-age swimming champion. He enjoys playing volleyball and basketball with both school and church teams.

    Lane serves as first counselor in the Sunday School and is a four-year seminary graduate.

    Scout of the Year

    Shawn Farris, 17, has been named as Scout of the Year by the American Legion and has won the National Eagle Scout Scholarship. Eagle Scouts from all 50 states applied for the scholarship.

    Before attending college on his scholarship, Shawn is spending a year in Denmark as an exchange student. He was on his school’s golf team and was named to the all-state team in 1983. He was active in debate and won several trophies in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

    Shawn is a priest in the Thermopolis Ward, Worland Wyoming Stake, and served as president of the ward’s seminary class.

    A Special Spark

    Stephen Cooper, 16, of Caledonia, Missouri, was chosen on the basis of his winning essay to participate in a Rural Electric Tour of Washington, D.C.

    Steve is an honor student, a member of the track team, and president of his industrial arts club as well as being the only LDS student in his school.

    Steve is a priest in the Farmington Ward, St. Louis Missouri South Stake. He is also president of his Sunday School class and is active in seminary. He helped his Farmington team come in first in the St. Louis Missouri South Stake seminary bowl.

    Good Citizen

    Steve Hawkins of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was selected by his classmates and the faculty of his high school to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award.

    Steve was valedictorian of his class and one of 20 athletes in the state of Wisconsin honored for outstanding scholarship as well as athletic ability. He served as class president for three years, and he lettered in football and basketball for three years. He plays the trombone and has received the John Philip Sousa Band Award and All-American Hall of Fame Band Honors.

    Steve belongs to the Eau Claire Ward, St. Paul Minnesota Stake. In his ward, Steve has served several times as quorum president and as seminary president.

    History Buff

    Nelladee Boyce of Dayton, Idaho, took first place in the senior division of the Idaho State History Fair. She was awarded a scholarship in history and won the opportunity to compete in the National History Fair.

    In keeping with the fair theme, “Family and Community in History,” Nelladee’s project featured the Boyce family and their hometown of Oxford, Idaho. Her great-great-grandfather settled the town in 1864 and the family has lived there continuously since that time.

    Nelladee is the first counselor in her Laurel class in the Clifton Second Ward, Preston Idaho North Stake.

    Bible Dinner

    by Janet R. Balmforth

    Searching for a new and different way to serve dinner for an important family home evening or a party with good friends? Why not have a Bible dinner?

    Below is a sample menu to use. Print this on a large piece of paper and display it in the dining area. Then before each course is served, everyone must look up the scriptural reference (remind them to bring their Bibles), and see if they can guess what food will be served.

    Menu for the Bible Dinner

    Soup—Genesis 25:34 [Gen. 25:34] with Exodus 16:31 [Ex. 16:31]

    Salad—Numbers 11:5 [Num. 11:5] with deviled Isaiah 10:14 [Isa. 10:14], Mixed Deuteronomy 33:14 [Deut. 33:14]

    Main Dish—Leviticus 2:7 [Lev. 2:7] with Genesis 41:5 [Gen 4:15] and Ezekial 4:9 [Ezek. 4:9] with plenty of Ruth 2:14, Judges 5:25 [Judg. 5:25], and Proverbs 24:13 [Prov. 24:13]

    Dessert—Baked Song of Solomon 2:3 [Song 2:3] with Exodus 25:33 [Ex. 25:33]

    Drink—Ezekial 25:4 [Ezek. 25:4] and Isaiah 44:3 [Isa. 44:3]

    Eating utensils used are: Jeremiah 52:19 [Jer. 52:19], Exodus 39:3 [Ex. 39:3], and 1 Samuel 13:21 [1 Sam. 13:21]

    A Fit Mind

    Kristen Pedersen was invited to have lunch with the President of the United States.

    Kristen was among 50 students in the nation who received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award in a special luncheon with President Reagan at the White House. The award is for fitness of the mind instead of the body. It recognizes graduating seniors who have attained a high level of academic achievement and pursued a solid core of academic courses. This was the first year the awards were given. The awards will be given annually. Kristen, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, was senior class president and had the highest grade point average among graduating senior girls.

    Kristen is a member of the Idaho Falls 42nd Ward, Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon West Stake.

    Hiking in Hawaii

    Twenty Scouts and their leaders of the Lanakila Ward, Honolulu Hawaii West Stake, hiked over 50 miles through the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala. The volcano, called the House of the Sun, stands 10,025 feet above sea level on the island of Maui.

    The group struggled through the changes in altitude as well as differences in temperature that sometimes tested their endurance. But they were rewarded with some amazing sights. They happened upon some silversword plants, famous because they are found only in that particular volcanic crater. At the summit they had a panoramic view of four of the Hawaiian Islands through the mist-filled, chilly air.

    Besides earning their Historic Trails Awards, the group helped repair the trail by filling in the dangerous eroded shortcuts made by other hikers. Following their week-long hike before they left for home, the group presented an inspiring sacrament meeting to the members of the Hana Branch.

    The boys and their leaders had many experiences that brought them closer together and which taught them to rely on our Heavenly Father for guidance and protection. They were glad to return home but were glad to have been on what they considered to be a great adventure.

    On Her Toes

    Laura Anne Van Wagoner, 14, from Salt Lake City, Utah, received a scholarship to the prestigious School of American Ballet at the Juilliard School in New York City. She started dancing at age eight and has danced in Ballet West’s annual production of The Nutcracker for the past five years. She was also awarded a scholarship for a summer internship with the San Francisco Ballet School as a 12-year-old.

    Besides excelling in dance, Laura has won awards in swimming, and she enjoys playing softball and tennis.

    Laura is a first-year Mia Maid in the Butler 14th Ward, Salt Lake Cottonwood Heights Stake.

    Be not merely good; be good for something.

    —Henry David Thoreau