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“Feedback,” New Era, Nov. 1983, 3


It saved my father’s life

I want you to know that I really appreciate the effort that goes into making this the best magazine for youth. I especially enjoyed the article “Preparation for Power” in the May 1983 issue because it reminds me of how thankful I am for the priesthood. Almost five years ago, my dad was seriously injured when he was struck on the head by a 2,000-pound grain drill. He was unconscious in the hospital for three days and sustained a tremendous memory loss. The doctors realized that their efforts weren’t helping his condition, so my mom called in the elders to give him a blessing. Three weeks later he was out of the hospital and could remember everything he knew before the accident. The only thing that was different was that he could no longer taste or smell things. I’ll always be grateful for the power of the priesthood because I know it was that blessing that saved my father’s life.

Cindy Rust
Springfield, Oregon

Bad form

Re: the July New Era—Great! Loved the articles.

Re: The July New Era—Bad form on pages 28, 30, 32, 34.

You printed the Japanese characters upside down.

Keep “up” the good work.

Dave Campbell
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

Editor’s Note: Sorry. It looked OK from our point of view.

Who said?

Who said the New Era was only for youth? I’m 53, and I read every word of it and love it. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic May issue. Keep up the good work.

C. Searle

Another great story

I really appreciate the New Era and all the great articles. I enjoy the Mormonads, FYI, and poetry, but most of all I always check the fiction section to see if Jack Weyland’s name is there with another great story.

Laura Cookson
Loomis, California

Goose bumps

I am 28 years old and still enjoy the New Era. It means so much to me. I still feel that these magazines relate to me and incidents in my life. The story “A Question of Honor” was so wonderful it gave me goose bumps. I carry the New Era in my knapsack and read it at work on lunch break. Then when I go back to work I have good messages to think over in my mind. I appreciate all the effort everyone puts into this magazine.

Melanie Dunn
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Problems and triumphs

I have been a member of the Church for almost ten months now and really enjoy reading the monthly edition of the New Era. I am 22 years old, and the New Era is one of my favorite magazines. I can relate to the stories and see that in a lot of cases I’ve had similar problems and triumphs in my personal and Church life. Please keep those true-life stories in the magazine. We young people relate to them best.

Garry Luchich
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Many times

I am always impressed with the New Era and Ensign and always look forward to their arrival. The articles, stories, and letters from readers are always so spiritually uplifting and interesting that I often read through the pages many times to feel the spirit these magazines contain. I have only been a member of the Church for just over a year, and these magazines have often helped me with problems and inspired me to do things I may have otherwise neglected to do or think about. I have been visiting Idaho from my native New Zealand, and it has been very satisfying to receive these magazines the month of publication. In New Zealand we often have to wait two or three months for a magazine. Thank you again for such great reading materials.

Tony James
Auckland, New Zealand

On the right bus

Thank you for the wonderful article “On the Wrong Bus” in the July 1983 issue of the New Era. Having just graduated from high school, I face a variety of avenues I could take to decide my future. This article clarified my goals and helped me prepare to board the right bus, the bus heading for the mission field. I love the New Era.

Huff Meyr
Floresville, Texas

My goals in life

Every time I read the New Era I feel like I should try harder at my goals in life, which are to go to the temple to be married for eternity and to go to the celestial kingdom. The New Era stories are always inspiring and uplifting. I always like to share them with my friends. I just love all the stories. I am a real fan of yours, New Era!

Dawna Lynn White
Ephrata, Washington

A challenge

Thank you for the wonderful story of Peter Jeppson, “Inside’s What Counts,” in the 1983 January–February New Era. This story has challenged me so much. I also enjoyed the song “Song for the River.” My family and my friends just love singing it.

Brenda Denise A. Fiagoy
Baguio City, Philippines

Show and tell

I want to thank you for “Around Town Down Under” in the October 1982 issue. That article had special meaning for me because that same month I spent two weeks touring Australia. Many of the photographs printed in that article were of places I had been, and I was excited to show my parents the places I had been rather than just tell them about them. I am grateful for this fine magazine because it helps me to live the gospel and prepares me for the future.

Jamie Gourley
West Valley City, Utah