Journey to the Tower
November 1982

“Journey to the Tower,” New Era, Nov. 1982, 46

Journey to the Tower

King Benjamin’s final address was so inspired that for over 2,000 years it has remained a trustworthy guide for our lives. Here is your chance to travel back to Benjamin’s day and hear his famous speech.

Read the first real-life situation on the road to Tower City (where King Benjamin spoke to his people from the tower), and then select from the road signs the scripture that best applies to that situation. Check the answer list to see if your choice was correct. If it was, go immediately to the next situation. If it was incorrect turn to the correct scripture in Mosiah and read it. Continue from situation to situation until you arrive at Tower City. Feel free to use your Book of Mormon as a road map on the journey.

  1. Cynthia feels that the poor should take care of themselves: “It’s not my job.”

  2. A nonmember friend asks you what the Book of Mormon says about Christ.

  3. An atheist says, “Just how powerful is this god you worship?”

  4. Dave says, “I don’t see the importance of missionary work.”

  5. Joe doesn’t want to sit with his family in sacrament meeting. “I’m not a kid anymore.”

  6. Susan hates service projects: “I love the Lord, but old people and sick people turn me off.”

  7. As you are leaving on a date, your dad says, “Watch yourself!”

  8. Fred says, “I keep the commandments. I pay my tithing. I don’t owe the Lord a thing.”

  9. Jim’s family is always bickering and appears to be unhappy. Bill’s family enjoys being together.

  10. Brother Jones asks the class, “In what way should we become as a little child?”


Illustrated by Scott Greer